Our Favorite Brian Gavin Diamonds Pearls
28 Jan 2019

Long known as the “Queen of Gems,” pearls have been worn by women for centuries. This timeless stone can date back as far as ancient China and Rome. Commonly worn by royals, pearls have made a name for itself as…

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Unexpected Trouble with Love: Li's Engagement
21 Jan 2019

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we truly believe that what’s meant to be will be, including epic beginnings to a new chapter in our customers’ lives. Over the summer, Li from San Francisco approached our team on a quest to find…

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January Birthstone: Garnet
16 Jan 2019

Garnet is the January birthstone and is said to bring love, luck, faith and friendship into our lives (definitely something we could use a little more of in the coming new year)! Found all over the world, the garnet has…

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Our Favorite Brian Gavin Diamonds Pendant…
09 Jan 2019

It’s safe to say that we can all agree that pendant necklaces are the hit trend of this season. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, this necklace goes well with any occasion. What we love most about this…

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Crafty Ways to Organize Your Jewelry
02 Jan 2019

Sometimes, life can get crazy, and for the jewelry lovers out there, your jewelry boxes can, too! Here are some of our favorite and stylish ways to organize your jewelry to make life (and accessorizing) a little bit easier. Tray…

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