A question most couples of today have is who chooses the ring? Traditionally, the man would simply pick out a ring and the woman would say yes and that's that. Now, women are more particular about their ring with some even having it picked out at a young age! We'll showcase the different kinds of people and suggestions for rings that could be the one. No matter if you choose the ring by yourself, with your significant other, or drop subtle hints, Brian Gavin Diamonds can guarantee smiles on every face.

The Bold Go-Getter

Maybe before you even met Mr. Right you knew what you wanted. You've searched high and low online and took quizzes to see which diamond best suits you. Your camera roll consists of screenshots of rings that match your perfect description, and you don't want to settle for anything less. However, what's the best way to make sure your man gets exactly what you want without out telling him?

Find clever ways to show him a picture of your ideal cut, style and setting. This can include leaving your Pinterest page open for him to stumble across, or flipping through a magazine that has a setting or style you like and then pointing it out to him. If you're really specific and afraid your man might not catch these hints, there's no harm in telling him exactly what you want. Trust us when we say he'd rather get you something you love than guess wrong, so don't be afraid to speak up!


The Aphrodite ring has soft sweeping lines that lead to eye-popping diamonds, cut for optimum sparkle.


In this lovely Taryn engagement ring, the round accent diamonds form a soft cushion shaped halo that surrounds your center diamond. This eye-catching design makes your center stone the gleaming center of attention.

The Practical One

You believe gone are the days where a man has to make this huge decision on his own. You don't want to waste time dropping subtle hints that your boyfriend might not catch on to, so you decide to shop together for a ring that suits your wants. There's no need to put pressure on it; just casually window shop and try on rings at the jewelry stores as you visit. If he still wants that sense of traditionalism, go ring "looking" together. Show him which diamonds make you light up so he can then have a better idea of what you're looking for. Regardless of what you decide as a couple, it's not about a grand surprise. Rather, it's about having a ring that represents your love and will make you smile every time you look at it.


The gorgeous Elegance ring has a flowing cathedral style shank and tapers up to meet with a customized four prong head with claw prongs.


The Venus is a three stone halo ring that sparkles from every angle for an unforgettable shine.

The Traditional Romantic

To match your traditional personality, you want the man in your life to be able to pick out the perfect ring and have it be a wonderful surprise. If you're not too picky, let him at it and trust he will purchase something that suits you. You know that no matter what ring he ends up choosing, it comes from his heart, and what it symbolizes means more than what it looks like. However, if you are a traditionalist that's a little picky, it might be best to tell him what you definitely don't want. With this in mind, he still has free range but knows which cuts or settings he should steer clear from. Another great way to point him in the right direction and still have a big surprise is by window shopping with a friend or family member then have them report back to him with what you want. By doing so, he still makes the decision on what to purchase and isn't completely lost in his search.

Legera Pave Six Prong

A variation of our popular Novela ring, the Legara is an illusion trim solitaire, with 4 beads per stone which will make the diamond melee appear larger.

Scattered 4 Prong Martini

The Scattered 4 Prong Martini has a scattered band design similar to the three-prong martini setting and extenuates any stone, no matter the size.

If you're bold, practical or a helpless romantic, Brian Gavin Diamond's expert team can make sure you get the perfect ring. We have a range of classic, timeless pieces or custom made pieces that can make even the most particular diamond lover happy. Brian Gavin Diamonds provides a detailed analysis of what each diamond offers because we know that doing so separates our diamonds from the competition. Below are some engagement rings that will make anyone happy.

Six Prong Regal Truth

The Six Prong Regal Truth ring has a "Truth" head solitaire with micro pave half way round band (8 stones down each side). This is a timeless piece that exudes fashion.

Split Shank Rope Solitaire

This Spilt Shank Rope Solitaire with a "Truth" head is beautiful and can accommodate a cushion, princess, round or radiant cut diamonds. With more diamond options, there's one perfect for your person!


This classic Zoe ring from Sholdt features a French set and halo shank with a 36  diamond melee. The beautiful 14k rose gold makes this timeless piece one of a kind.

Classic from Parade

This classic diamond band from Parade is topped with a delicate basket securing an emerald shaped center stone, featuring an 18 round cut diamond melee.


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