Whether it's a simple engagement or a surprise vacation to Barbados, every Brian Gavin engagement ring has a unique story. For Daniel and Liz, their special story has surprises around every corner that will make your heart melt.

Daniel and Liz Ring

After looking at different places and doing his homework, Daniel finally found the perfect ring to propose to his future fiancée. The Brian Gavin Diamonds team educated and provided him with the knowledge that led Daniel to choose the ring he knew symbolized the special bond that he has with Liz. The ring buying process was the easy part for Daniel, but now, he had to pull off the biggest surprise of his life!

The first of many surprises began when Daniel booked Liz a manicure then dropped off a book he put together on her doorstep. A childhood favorite, the book Daniel created was a "choose your own adventure" style book that allows readers to decide where the storyline goes by turning to certain pages. The adventure book took Liz to special destinations in their relationship starting at Columbia University where they met then the restaurant where they had their first date and ending with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Daniel and Liz

With every turn of a page came a new riddle to decipher. Finally, Liz had one last page to solve, and by using clues throughout the adventure book, she finally realized certain pages spelled out B-A-R-B-A-D-O-S. Being the sweet romantic that he is, Daniel booked a flight to leave the next morning and even coordinated with Liz's boss to allow her to take time off for their trip.

Upon their arrival in Barbados, Daniel planned a private chartered sailing and snorkeling excursion with the idea to propose to Liz at sunset. Although each day was beautiful, choppy water prevented them from going through with Daniel's original plan. With the time of their trip starting to dwindle away, Daniel improvised and thought of a brand new plan.

Daniel and Liz Proposal

After a beach day together, Daniel suggested they find somewhere nice to watch the sunset. Without a true destination in mind, Liz and Daniel jumped in the car and found a perfect spot where the waves were crashing against rocks and the sun started to slowly set. Daniel proposed with the perfect backdrop, and Liz was absolutely blown away by the ring's beauty.

Since the proposal, everyone that Liz has shown the ring to was stunned by how gorgeous it is. According to the couple, those people describe Liz's ring as one of the most sparkly/brilliant/shiny diamond they've ever seen. Daniel puts it best, "when people see the ring it's not typical, 'oh that's a nice ring' but a kind of wide-eyed stare and wowed look." To this day, both Liz and Daniel are still in awe of the ring and are so grateful for Brian Gavin Diamond's efforts in helping them create something that represents their love.

Daniel and Liz BGD


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