Whether it's finding the perfect engagement ring that reflects a love that's ready to last a lifetime or an anniversary gift to commemorate the years they've spent together, Brian Gavin Diamonds loves helping couples take the next big step in their relationship. Charles contacted us early this year about creating a ring for proposing to his then-girlfriend, Karen.


Jamie, one of our brilliant diamond consultants, worked with Charles to select a Minnie 18K White Gold ring with a set knot inclusion under the prong. Read about how Charles found the perfect ring, for the perfect proposal, recounted in his own words below.


"In the quest to find the perfect diamond for Karen, I started off researching the basics of diamonds and educating myself with available resources both online and offline; then further narrowing the stone criteria that would eventually fit us perfectly. Ultimately, all of my research lead me to a simple decision, one that had already been recommended to me by a friend prior to my personal journey, a Brian Gavin Signature.


"The plan was for her to choose the setting, leaving the rest up to me; after all she would be wearing the diamond day in and day out, not me. Screenshot after screenshot, photo cropping after photo cropping, so as not to reveal Brian Gavin's logo on the stock photos of the settings, and not ruin the surprise, Karen ultimately selected the Sholdt Minnie 18K White Gold.


"With the help of Jamie, a Senior Diamond Consultant at Brian Gavin, I was able to narrow my search and find the perfect stone for us. While I, personally, can excel in certain aspects of life, I am also flawed in others. I wanted to find a stone that personified these characteristics.  Absolute perfect cut, with some (albiet) minor inclusions.


"We had a pre-arranged early dinner near the beach for a friend's birthday dinner. Everyone was in on it, except Karen. After the party, we intentionally parted ways early enough to catch the sunset, it was an excuse for me to show Karen one of Laguna Beach's hidden gems to 'catch the sunset.'


"The structure, known as "La Tour" (French for tower), is a 60-foot castle-inspired tower that can only be accessed at low tide. It was built at the same time as the house at the top of the bluff, in 1926, and was used as a way to get from the house down to the beach below. This is an old beach and an old photo from years ago, but now has new meaning to me."


As Charles and Karen start planning for their wedding, all of us at Brian Gavin Diamonds wish them a lifetime of happiness! We can't wait to see where their love story goes from here. You can find similar rings to Karen's by visiting our website, or let us work with you to create a custom piece that's perfect for you and your loved one.


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