Sometimes with love, you have to just leap; that's exactly what Katie did when she first met our customer Chase and made the leap to invite him to her birthday. To her surprise, Chase showed up! The rest, as they say, is history.

Despite living two hours apart, Katie and Chase were inseparable in the months following her birthday and soon made their relationship status official. The distance was no match for Katie and Chase. They spent two years in a long-distance relationship, eagerly anticipating the day they could be together in the same place. When Katie made the leap to move, the distance being a thing of their past this couple found bliss in each other's company.

Alan Johnson Photography

It was not long afterward moving in together that Chase planned to propose to Katie. It began on a regular Thursday when she came home after work to a note on the kitchen table that read, "If you're reading this, your hunt begins now!" Taking the challenge, Katie spent 30 minutes following clues until she finally found her way to the end of the scavenger hunt.

The last clue led Katie directly to Chase who was down on one knee with a Brian Gavin Blue Diamond. In complete shock, Katie said yes to spending her life with the man who made long-distance worth the wait. "Chase wanted to catch me off guard, so he knew he had to do it on a random day of the week! It worked," she gushed.

There was one more surprise up Chase's sleeve. The last clue included a flashlight, and as Chase turned out the lights, the lovers embraced hands and watched as Katie's Brian Gavin Blue Diamond sparkled under the UV light. "I couldn't get over how beautiful it was! I felt so lucky to be given such a gorgeous ring," Katie said about her new bling.

Alan Johnson Photography

The joyful couple can't wait to get married and dance the night away together. If you loved Katie's ring, see more on our website and our team will work to make your dreams come true.


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