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Erin was working at a youth volleyball developmental program in Colorado Springs. Joseph traveled the world as an assistant coach for the Olympic Volleyball team. Cupid sent arrows to these two lovebirds one day at what was supposed to be a 'boring 3-day work event.' Soon, a long distance love blossomed and fate intervened for a second time.

"We had been dating long-distance for about six months, seeing each other only once or twice every month," Joseph described. "After a year of long-distance, I had an opportunity to coach in Germany. Erin, being at a crossroads in her career, took a leap of faith and moved to Europe with me. The love, friendship and teamwork was there—that's when I knew we were meant to be together forever."

La Fleur Ring

Joseph found himself searching online to find the ideal engagement ring for Erin. After visiting several different jewelers' websites, he happened upon the Hearts and Arrows motif from Brian Gavin Diamonds. He ultimately chose a La Fleur Platinum engagement ring, a stunning diamond set in a 4-prong head with a platinum band.

"I liked the fact that I could input exactly the parameters I wanted and search the database," Joseph explained. "It didn't take me too long to find the perfect ring for Erin, and getting to see the diamond certificate sealed the deal."

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The couple made their way to China to explore the beautiful, traditional landmarks of the country. They started in Beijing and planned to visit the Great Wall via the subway. Due to a Chinese holiday, the subway destination they anticipated getting off at was closed and they were forced to alter their excursion for the day. They decided to head to the Forbidden City, and were soon wandering around for hours.

"We went to a magnificent palace that was home to several Chinese dynasties," Erin said. "We ventured onto a pathway of stairs lined with flowers leading up to the Gate of Supreme Harmony – a remarkable spot for tourists to take photos. Joe walked to find someone to take our picture in front of the gate. I didn't think anything of it at the time."

Erin had no idea that Joseph had something more than a photo in mind. He found a sweet couple to take their picture and made his way back up the steps to Erin.

"I began to pose for the picture and Joe did not. Rather, he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me toward him," Erin gushed. "I think my heart skipped a beat. I knew something was happening but I was too nervous and excited to really believe the man of my dreams could be asking me to marry him at this moment!"

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Joseph, though pretty confident in what Erin's answer would be, bent down on one knee.

"I had a very suave and romantic proposal speech planned, but to be honest, I can't even remember what I said now!" Joseph said. "I know that at least part of it was, 'Will you marry me?' and that her response was, 'Yes, of course!'"

"I could see the happiness in his eyes as I looked up to him!" Erin described. "I took a closer look at my hand and I was so blown away by the clarity and beauty of the ring he picked out. It could not be more fitting for us. The way the light in the Forbidden City reflected off the diamond—there was no missing the gorgeous 'Hearts and Arrows.'"

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Erin bursts with happiness from the enchanting love she and Joseph have for one another. Every time she looks down at her ring, she is reminded of the amazing feeling to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. We're thrilled to have been a part of that magic moment!

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