As winter's beauty transitions into spring, February remains one of the most captivating and romantic months of the year. One more thing to fall in love with in February is the amethyst birthstone. The deep purple amethyst is a Brian Gavin Diamonds favorite and carries a history as rich as its color.

Ever feel a craving to go on a vineyard rendezvous while wearing amethyst? You're not the only one. According to the Gemological Institute of America, early Greek legends associated beautiful amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine, because the stone looked as if it were plucked straight from the vine. Some people even thought amethyst, because of the gemstone's wine-like hues, would prevent drunkenness and ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus

The amethyst stone resonates with mindfulness and intellect. Folklore reflects beliefs that amethyst kept its wearer quick-witted and focused in battle and in business affairs.

The purple quartz stone can be found in every corner of the earth, but the American Gem Society reports that the finest amethyst of all was historically found in Russia. Have you ever wondered why amethyst adorns many European crown jewels as well as the coronation regalia of British royalty? It was once considered equal in value to ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

We can't deny that the alluring wine-colored stone has won our hearts. We've gathered some of our favorite amethyst pieces available on


Cushion Amethyst Halo Ring 

Amethyst Brian Gavin Diamonds Ring

Cushion Cab Amethyst Pendant

Brian Gavin Diamonds Amethyst Pendant

Round Amethyst Bark Finish

Round Bark Amethyst Gold Ring

Cushion Cab Amethyst Studs


Brian Gavin Diamonds Amethyst Studs


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