Straight from the oyster to your jewelry box, pearls are timeless and elegant treasures. Nestled deep in the sea's surface, cultured pearls showcase just how beautiful nature's creations can be. The iridescence of pearl jewelry enriches fashion and jewelry with sophistication.


Unlike gemstones that must be mined from the earth and cut to perfection, pearls are lustrous from the moment they're plucked from an oyster shell. Thousands of years ago before written history, humans discovered the first pearl while scavenging the seashore for food. Throughout history, the pearl has been quite popular with references found in early religious and mythical texts.


Pearls were the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing in Rome. During the Dark Ages, fair maidens sported pearl necklaces and gallant knights would even wear pearls into battle. They believed the magic of the shimmering pearls would protect them from danger. At one point, a number of European countries actually passed laws forbidding anyone but the high born to wear them.


Thankfully, we have a large pearl collection at Brian Gavin Diamonds to make you feel like royalty.

Brian Gavin Pear Dangle Earrings
Brian Gavin Pearl Dangle Earrings

Refined and fashionable, we adore our pearl dangles with a .45 ctw diamond melee and two 10mm pearls.

Brian Gavin White South Sea Pearls

Our stunning 12 mm White South Sea Pearls add the perfect touch to a chic look. Surrounded by a swirl of 1.09ct H SI diamond melee, the earrings are set in 14K white gold.

Brian Gavin Pearl and Diamond Huggie Earrings
Brian Gavin Pearl and Diamond Huggie Earrings

Fitting for any occasion, these extravagant huggie earrings are adorned with 10.5 mm white south sea pearls and .45 ctw H SI diamond melee.

BGD 12 mm South Sea White Pearls
BGD 12 mm South Sea White Pearls

For those seeking a sweet statement, our spectacular pair of 12 mm South Sea White Pearls set in a web of 14K white gold and accented with 0.66 ct of H SI baguette diamonds.


The ocean is calling — its time waves with these lavish beauties. If you're feeling lavish, you can shop our collection of pearls and others stunning gems on our website.


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