Justin, like many male buyers, went through a wide variety of emotions prior to purchasing an engagement ring. He started his search for the perfect diamond engagement ring by searching for reviews in different online forums. His first purchase was made from another website. Much to his dismay, he was completely dissatisfied with both the stone and the setting. After a second attempt from the same vendor, and less than stellar service, he decided to move on.

2.23 carat J VS1 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond
2.23 carat J VS1 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond
Justin and his beautiful bride-to-be.

The customer's story follows:

Long story short, I reached out to Brian Gavin based off of my own instinct. Catherine was my first point of contact and she was the easiest and kindest individual to speak with. She was able to listen to my concerns and address them in a very efficient manner:

You want pictures right away? Bam, Catherine did it.

You want real life pictures from a cell phone? Bam, Catherine did it.

You want honest feedback between two stones? Bam, Catherine did it.

You need to speak to someone Saturday before you leave for Vacation? Bam, Catherine did it.

When I made the decision to move forward with Brian Gavin. Brian Gavin himself took the time to speak with me personally on multiple occasions. We compared stones I liked from different vendors and he finally said "Hey Justin, I'll be in Antwerp in a few days. Trust me. I know what you are looking for. Put your mind at ease, I have your back". After everything I had been through, I had a hard time letting go of control. I finally realized that I had nothing to lose and after four calls to Brian, I finally said "Ok Brian, you have my support".

After our fourth call Brian said he had an awesome stone. The pictures went up and low and behold, Brian was right! The hearts were perfect, there was no leakage, and the ASET looked great. My level of excitement kept rising. At this point in the game, I decided to change out the setting. Who wants a perfect stone with a less than perfect setting?

I just received the setting and stone yesterday and I couldn't believe it. This was the stone that I had envisioned all along. The stone that BG had selected, even though it was a J, faced up WHITER than my ACA I. I got a bit teary eyed considering my long journey in finding the perfect stone. Realizing that this was the stone and setting that Courtney deserved was a bit overwhelming for me. I had planned a very romantic date over the weekend but couldn't wait. I took Courtney on a walk on the beach that same day and "re-proposed". Even though we were already engaged, I was more nervous the second time then the first.

Now my impressions of the ring are all well and good, but what about my beautiful fiancé's? She can't stop staring at the ring! The stone throws off light in all directions and is a complete ball of fire! Courtney also won't stop raving at the design and construction quality of the ring. She says it's a noticeable quality increase from what we had before, and hearing this, makes me just as emotional as when I opened the box from Brian Gavin for the first time. If I could do it all over again? I would have gone to Brian Gavin first.

Enjoy the gallery of pictures of Justin and Courtney's beautiful 2.23 carat J VS1 Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond set into a Platinum Six Prong Fishtail Pave!


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