Losing a piece of jewelry can often feel like the end of the world. A diamond ring holds value and importance in a person's life, so imagine the heartache that comes with replacing a piece of jewelry that carries so many memories.

Several months ago, Crystal lost her diamond ring and sought after a replacement from Brian Gavin Diamonds. Thankfully, we filled her void with a scintillating and quality creation that left her dazzled.

As a stay-at-home mom of twin toddlers, Crystal was seeking something simple yet elegant. After wavering between engagement ring styles, she decided on a Tapered Tiffany-Style Half Round Platinum Ring for her 1.258 ctw Brian Gavin Blue diamond.

Tapered Tiffany-Style Half Round Platinum Ring

"I always felt more comfortable with a wider shank 2.4 or more but this shank, which looks delicate, feels substantial and super comfortable on my hand," said Crystal.

Both Crystal and her husband were amazed with the results and the 6-prong Tiffany style ring continues to turn heads.

A side view of Crystal's Tapered Tiffany-Style Half Round Ring.
A side view of Crystal's Tapered Tiffany-Style Half Round Ring.

We received the following email from Crystal and look forward to working with her again:

Hi Jamie,

I hope your weekend was fantastic! You know mine was. I spent most of it staring at my gorgeous ring! Hubby loves it also. He said that it was a streamlined classic. He is also impressed with how it lets the diamond take center stage and I have to agree. It is sheer perfection!

My BGD blue is just a superstar and can't help grabbing all of the attention. I am looking forward to working with you on future projects. Until then, be well.

Best regards,



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