Amethyst's extravagant violet color is what makes this gemstone so unique. The purple stone is actually from the most valuable variety of the Quartz mineral. Mild heat is often used to deepen the color's lavender hue, but if too much heat is applied, it can actually transform into the yellow shaded gemstone, Citrine. From Quartz to Amethyst and then to Citrine – this stone certainly has unique transformative qualities, which is why many people associate it with many spiritual beings!

The name "Amethyst" is derived from the Greek word "amethystos," which translates to "not intoxicated." This translation is why amethyst has the nickname "Sobriety Stone" and is said to offer protection against drunkenness. As the February birthstone, it's a fitting name for those celebrating Mardi Gras or birthdays!

If you're looking for something violet to match your Mardi Gras gold and green ensemble or some color to make your birthday outfit pop, then look no further; We've rounded up some of our favorite Amethyst gemstone jewelry.

Brian Gavin Diamonds' Cushion Cabouchon Amethyst Pendant

Brian Gavin Diamonds' Cushion Cabouchon Amethyst Pendant is set in silver and includes a 16-inch silver cable chain.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Round Amethyst Ring

This stunning Round Amethyst Ring is a unique piece featuring a bark finish in 14k yellow gold.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Round Cabouchon Light Amethyst Earrings

Your ears will be dazzling with our Round Cab Light Amethyst Earrings that are set in silver and lined with petite white topaz stones.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Antique Cushion Checkerboard Amethyst Ring

Our Antique Cushion Checkerboard Amethyst Ring is a stunner! The fascinating ring is embraced in a row of diamonds set in 14k white gold.

We can guarantee that you will feel like royalty when you adorn yourself with a Brian Gavin Diamonds Amethyst piece of jewelry. Which of the purple pieces is your favorite?


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