David contacted us just before Christmas via Live Chat about purchasing a diamond as a first upgrade for his wife. He was originally considering a princess cut but Denise worked with him to select a beautiful 1.575 J VS1 Brian Gavin Signature Blue diamond in a traditional 4 prong solitaire. At the outset they discovered that they were both ardent Dallas Cowboys fans and spent as much time talking football as diamonds!

We just had to share this fabulous final Live Chat session with our readers …yes, our highly trained diamond sales consultants here at Brian Gavin Diamonds talk diamonds and football!!!

David : Hi Denise!

Denise : Hey ! How 'bout dem Cowboys !

David : Oh what a game! I thought we were not going to make it and the last minutes of the game were awesome! I was on the edge of my seat. The kids thought I was going crazy. lol

Denise : It was totally insane. At first I was praying then I changed to … Thank you God for letting us win and we did ! lol

David : Romo said they gotta play better – that's for sure. He wasn't doing too well. He had tons of time in the pocket and still couldn't throw the ball sometimes. The winning throw took foooorrrreeeevvvveeerrr!

Denise : He's a nervous nelly sometimes and just shuts down.

David : So, I just wanted to get in touch with you and let you know how things went…

Denise : Do tell

David : We went to dinner and a nice restaurant where we met. After dinner, they brought us champagne and I told her she couldn't toast yet. And then I proceeded to tell her I wasn't a work. To which is looked at my like I'm insane and I could tell she was getting worried.

Denise : That's hilarious.

David : She said WHY!!?? And I told her I needed to get something… and I could tell she thought I was about to dump her or something….a look a great concern on her face.

David : So I said, "let me show you" And I pulled out the beautiful Brian Gavin box and sat it in front of her… She kinda looked confused and slowly opened to box and then she about hit her jaw on the table…

Denise : How fabulous !!! I wish I could have been there to see that.

David : She reached to touch the ring and I said WAIT! And she looked up and I pulled out a hand written love note for our anniversary and began to read it to her…I got about half way through it and she started to cry, then I started to choke up…paused…and then finished. The final line of the letter said, "And like this diamond, my love for you is brilliant, full of fire, and everlasting…" She ran over and about squeezed me to death! It was awesome.

Denise : Oh wow ! I have goosies all over. What an awesome story … LOVE IT.

David : I put the ring on her finger and she has been googly eyed over it ever since. It has made her very, very happy and she can't believe how sparkly the diamond is. She even loves the blue tint when in sunlight from the signature blue. Needless to say, it's not going back — JUST like you said it would happen!

Denise : Ah ha ! I know what I'm talking about sometimes. lol

David : So, I just want to give a big Texas sized shout out and thank you, Denise, and Brian Gavin diamonds for giving me one of the greatest experiences and happiest moments of my life. It has been wonderful and I just could not be more pleased with my diamond purchase — it was beautiful beyond anything I could have imagined. If I'm ever in Houston, I'm going to stop by and say hello.

Denise : The pleasure and honor was all mine. You have been an absolute DREAM to work with and I think I found myself a new friend. For sure come to Houston.

David : Sounds great! You have my info! Take care and GO Cowboys!!!

Denise : I sure do ! GO COWBOYS!!


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