Jonathan contacted us in October 2013 via Live Chat from Ireland with questions about our Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds. Jamie continued to work with him as he navigated through his different options. It took him  almost a year to finalize his decision of purchasing a magnificent 1.732 D VS2 Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond and a custom engagement ring and matching band featuring channel set Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond melee. His journey is written in his own words below!

I started looking for a diamond in May 2013. I knew very little. I went to the 2 best jewellers in Northern Ireland, a jewellers in Manchester England and various UK websites such as and I realized that online was the best way to get the best diamond for my money. At that stage I had no idea about EGL certificates but did learn about GIA XXX cut. That's what I wanted 1 carat GIA xxx D colour VS2 as I couldn't risk it not being eye clean.

I then progressed to USA websites and looked at bluenile, whiteflash and highperfomancediamonds. I reviewed them all as well as independent websites truthaboutdiamonds (Michael Fried) now diamondpro and niceice (Todd Gray). As independents they both told me that Brian Gavin H and A was the very best diamond you could buy.

I was sold and then had to save for a year and a bit and find a 1 plus carat D VS2. Of course I asked Jamie a million questions in between times by phone and e mail. I ended up with a 1.732 D VS2 Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond.

The setting was also a nightmare as we simply couldn't find anything either of us liked anywhere then BG custom made one for us exactly as we wanted. I also ordered the wedding band at the same time so they were exactly the same.

Sarah-Louise knew we were going away but not where to and not when until a couple of weeks before hand. I told her at the airport that it was New York. We stayed at the Trump Soho and went to the Empire state building that night then on to Restaurant Daniel in Manhattan where I proposed.

I could write book on diamonds but I'm done for now until I need a wedding band. Jonathan.


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