Richard called us in May when he was just beginning his search for a diamond engagement ring. He was originally focusing his search on cushion or round cut diamonds, but when his girlfriend tried on an oval shaped diamond engagement ring she was sold on the way it looked on her finger. Over the next few months, Catherine worked with Richard to find the perfect stone. In August a beautiful 1ct oval diamond was set in our Classic Tiffany Style Half Round 18K White Gold Ring (modified to have 4 prongs instead of 6) and shipped to him. Below is his reaction to the ring and the story surrounding his sweet proposal.

Catherine, Wow! The ring is absolutely perfect!!!!! We were at our favorite beach yesterday.  We went for a nice long swim, out into the deep water, for about 30 minutes. It was lovely. A beautiful day. Bright blue sky, mid 80's.  We swam back to the beach, and walked back up the sand to our umbrella and blanket. I handed her a beach towel. As she took it, and unrolled it to dry off, the ring box fell out. She didn't know what it was at first, and kind of stood there, dumbfounded. "Aren't you gonna pick it up? It's for you!" I said as I knelt down in the sand. I could see the realization of what was actually happening slowly wash over her face and twinkle in her eyes. She picked up the ring box, and started to laugh and cry a little bit. She was so happy and shocked that it was happening in this way, on our favorite beach, on such a lovely day, just the two of us. "Will you marry me?" I asked. "Of course!" She opened the ring box, and she was totally blown away by how lovely the ring is. It's light performance is incredible. It was sparkling like ten stars in the bright sun on that beach.  She kept looking at it all the rest of the day, and smiling, laughing. We had a nice conversation about our future together, and plans to start a family.  It was absolutely terrific! In fact, just now she texted me (I'm at work): I LOVE THIS RING!!! She really loves the oval shape, which is very flattering on her finger. She has always worn a kind-of oval shaped ring that her grandmother (who raised her for most of her childhood, but who has since passed away) gave her, and she loves that ring, so I thought the oval diamond would kind of echo that shape of that ring.  Anyway, the solitaire setting is so classic, delicate and pretty; and it really shows off the diamond so well. The size is perfect, fits her perfectly. And the diamond is just awesome. Fireworks! In nearly every kind of light. Even from the side, it looks so lovely and bright. The color is just astounding.  She is half Ethiopian and half German, and the stone just looks so great against her darker skin tone. So I just want to say thank you for your help in finding this diamond. You obviously listened to me, and found the very stone and ring I was looking for. I could tell when you sent me the photo that the diamond was a keeper. And now that I am seeing it in person, I am just so happy with this purchase. Thank you again for your great service. I really appreciate it!!!!Once I finish paying off my med school loans, perhaps I'll be back for another diamond!! Sincerely, Richard

The Brian Gavin Diamond glamour shots can be seen below.

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    Brian Gavin, "Brian The Cutter", is an internationally recognized diamond expert and the designer/creator of A CUT ABOVE diamonds - the first branded hearts and arrows diamonds to be sold on the internet in 1999. He co-founded Whiteflash in 2000, and was employed as Executive Vice-President from June 2001 - December 2008. He is also well known for his creativity in jewelry design and photographic techniques, and is sought after for his deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce in the diamond and jewelry industry.


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