Every year to celebrate our freedom and independence, we gather together to stare into the night sky and watch a pageantry of fireworks explode overhead.

Your pulse quickens as loud shrieks ring out. You hold your breath in the brief pause before, BOOM! A starburst of color blooms across the night sky. Your mouth hangs agape in awe. Your star struck by the howls of rockets launching, the cacophony of explosions and the dazzle of color.

It's more than tradition. It's magical to hear the sounds and watch the colors explode, then slowly fade away. But that's the problem. They fade away.

So we decided to create a fireworks explosion as eternal as our love for America. Now you can experience 4th of July fireworks over and over again. And safely in your hand.

  1. Author: Brian Gavin

    Title: Brian Gavin

    Short Bio:

    Brian Gavin, "Brian The Cutter", is an internationally recognized diamond expert and the designer/creator of A CUT ABOVE diamonds - the first branded hearts and arrows diamonds to be sold on the internet in 1999. He co-founded Whiteflash in 2000, and was employed as Executive Vice-President from June 2001 - December 2008. He is also well known for his creativity in jewelry design and photographic techniques, and is sought after for his deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce in the diamond and jewelry industry.


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