It was 2011 when we first spoke with David and Danielle about designing a Platinum and Marquise Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring for them. The results of this piece were stunning and we were excited when they emailed us again in December 2013 about designing their wedding bands for their upcoming wedding. She requested a Custom Matching Marquise Diamond Full Eternity Wedding Band and he eventually selected a Men's Flat Brushed Band.

Hey Jamie,we enjoyed working with Brian Gavin so much we are coming back for more. Our wedding is in may and we will be looking to order our weddings bands early in the new year. I believe David will be getting the White Gold Wyatt with the smashed finish but the reason I'm emailing today is for the matching band to my engagement ring…

An in-person consultation was then set up and the Brian Gavin Diamonds team got to work designing Danielle's wedding band. We were thrilled with the results and she was, too!

Omg omgomgomg…. They're amazing. I squeeled when I saw them thank you for making the impossible possible 🙂

The two were married in May and they were so kind to share their photos with us for us to enjoy. Congratulations David and Danielle! We are honored you chose us to work with you on this joyous occasion.

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    Brian Gavin, "Brian The Cutter", is an internationally recognized diamond expert and the designer/creator of A CUT ABOVE diamonds - the first branded hearts and arrows diamonds to be sold on the internet in 1999. He co-founded Whiteflash in 2000, and was employed as Executive Vice-President from June 2001 - December 2008. He is also well known for his creativity in jewelry design and photographic techniques, and is sought after for his deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce in the diamond and jewelry industry.


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