Terry contacted us on January 1 wanting to create a custom engagement ring. He worked with Jamie to select a beautiful Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond. His girlfriend is a dental assistant so he wanted a ring design that sat low with no prongs. He called in and spoke with Brian at length and Brian transformed his idea into the design below, incorporating a half bezel design with a tension set look. Once the CAD was finalized, Terry was so excited that he sent Jamie a beautiful vase of flowers!! The ring was completed and set with 2 Blue Sapphires on either side of the head to symbolize the couple's birthdays. He also ordered a pair of diamond ear studs as a teaser. He received the package and was thrilled.

Terry is a radio producer and came up with a very unique way to propose. He wrote a short script and asked Brian Gavin to read it as he taped it. He then played it for the proposal!!! He wrote in to us with this fabulous testimonial, the pictures in the gallery, and a copy of the mp3 file of the recording – ENJOY!!!!

I decided to give a solitaire ring to my girlfriend Jane for Valentines. We looked a bit at local stores in December but we weren't finding anything she loved. In doing some online searching, I found out about Brian's reputation and very quickly decided I wanted him to make a custom ring for us. I chose a .5 carat hearts and arrows diamond from your online collection and the process began. Jane is very good at sniffing out secrets and I'm not very good at keeping them and was getting suspicious, so I decided to incorporate a pair of martini earrings with Brian Gavin signature melee diamonds into her valentine's surprise. So this past Saturday was our Valentine's Day with a nice dinner planned that evening. I made Jane breakfast and on the tray put the earrings. She loved them and immediately put them on. The rest of the surprise was to come later. We went for dinner and when we got home, we checked our emails and such as usual and I said, I have something for you to hear, as people will do and share. the clip was labeled funny so as not to give her any hints. And she listened to the story that Brian had read me for me, to her.  Then I presented her with her custom designed BGD ring. She was simply floored and speechless. It looks great on her, she thought it was perfect and loves the added touch of the 2 surprise sapphires incorporated into the design. We are both born in September and it's our birthstone of course, so she thinks of the 2 sapphires as representative of both our birthdays:) everything worked out perfectly and couldn't have happened without BGD.  Terry

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  1. Thanks so much to Brian Gavin and staff for your part in creating this beautiful ring! I knew as soon as I saw it that it had been custom made especially for me because it was everything I had envisioned. My tastes were reflected in every aspect from the simple elegant lines of the band, the profile of the ring is perfect and will allow me to wear it at work without fear of tearing my gloves. The sapphires embedded on the band were the perfect touch to make this ring truly specific to Terry and I signifying both our September birthdays. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life who cares enough to have considered every detail in what signifies to us the commitment we have to each other. As Terry stated … I knew he was " up to something" but I never expected such an exquisite surprise! I was delighted to hear my rings designers voice in the personal message Terry had you record. Thanks again so much for the fantastic work you have done. Truly a moment I will never forget.

  2. Jane, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You sound like a very special couple and we wish you all the best in your life together.


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