Ian contacted us by e-mail in mid November interested in having us create a custom setting for him. He was away from home when he wrote in and described it verbally: I wanted to see if you could line up 2 hearts that would twist head to head. Within each heart the .25 carat diamond would sit and right in the middle where the hearts meet, the larger diamond would sit. Also I would like to put some small diamonds into the band.

When he got back to his PC he sent us a rough free-hand sketch of what he had in mind. Jamie discussed the details with Brian Gavin and then e-mailed Ian a quote. He approved the quote and then Jamie worked with him to select a beautiful one carat K VS2 Brian Gavin Signature "Blue".

We e-mailed him the first rendition of the CAD and he requested that the head be integrated into the shank. We fine tuned it and sent him the second and final rendition which he approved. We cast, set the and shipped his beautiful ring. He e-mailed us, thrilled with the result:

Jamie! This is even better than I thought it was going to be! I can't express how great of job you and everyone else did on my journey to get this ring made. Thanks for all your hard work. You guys truly have a gift of not only designing but bringing stories of love to life! Although it was a lengthy process it was very much worth it. Please express my gratitude to everyone else who played an important role in this wonderful ring. I look forward to working with you in the future and I know alot of people will also too! If I have any more questions I will contact you. Thanks a bunch again! I'll keep you posted. Take care! Ian

Customer's sketch, CADs and Glamor Shots:


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