Ben contacted us via e-mail at the beginning of July looking for a 0.75ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond and a custom setting too. He had about a month before he was moving from California to Massachusetts and wanted to propose before he left.

Denise helped him to select a beautiful Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamond. He e-mailed inspiration pictures of the style he wanted us to create for him. It was a platinum custom solitaire with Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee accents and our popular Novela Head, with a pink diamond set inside the shank right under the head.  We e-mailed him the CAD rendering for approval and then proceeded to cast and finish up the ring.

Ben proposed and Gabi was thrilled with it. They sent the ring back for a complimentary resize and then we received this lovely e-mail along with the pictures below:

I remember we said we'd email you pictures of the proposal for your blog. On our first date, we went to take pictures in San Francisco since he is into photography and I had just gotten a camera. The last place we went to shoot that day was to a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. I attached the picture of the first date (a silly picture and blurry because we didn't quite get the correct lighting that night) and the one where he proposed. I also attached a more normal one of us and a photo of the ring! Thank you for all your help. I'm so happy that Ben chose to order the ring from Brian Gavin… it's perfect! Gabi


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