In July a customer wrote in inquiring about the possibility of re-cutting a princess cut diamond that she had kept safely in its box for several years. It weighed 1.24 carats and was not a great performer due to its very average cut. She sent it in for evaluation and was aware that the diamond would lose some weight, but had no use for it as it was.  Brian ran the numbers and estimated that it would end up weighing just over a carat. He felt that he could definitely improve the light performance by re-cutting it. The results were astounding!!!

Once it was done, she decided not to have it re-certified and started working with Denise on a customized setting based on the Split Halo setting.

This is just really exciting! Thank you for working with me through this whole process. You've been more than kind and helpful!

We created the ring with some minor changes and e-mailed her the Glamor Shots before it shipped.

I wasn't expecting to get these pictures tonight and am totally blown away by them and how beautiful this ring is. It is absolutely stunning.

When she received the ring she wrote in so excited!!

Hi Denise, I'm super-pressed for time but wanted to let you know that I was able to pick my ring up at FedEx this morning. It's absolutely beautiful. It looks more delicate and fluid that I had expected after seeing the pictures and it's just perfect. Will you let Lesley and Brian know how happy I am with this ring? And an extra big thank you to you for being such a wonderful guide throughout this whole process. It was so much fun to work with you! Gotta run and wish you all a great day, H. J.

The Gallery of Pictures below tells the Story…


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