Suzanne contacted us wanting to know more about our diamond recut services. Her husband had bought her a 1.45 I VVS2 princess cut that just wasn't performing the way she wanted it to. She sent it in for evaluation and Brian provided feedback as to what he felt he could do to make it a better performer. She gave the go ahead to proceed.  After the recut was done, we sent it off to the AGS lab to be graded and it was graded as 1.133 G VVS1. The color and clarity grading does not always go up with a recut so it was a huge bonus in addition to a brilliant new diamond!!

We then proceeded to start the creation of Suzanne's beautiful new custom ring. She wanted something that really made a statement in two tone 18K yellow gold and platinum using F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee. She discussed all the details with Brian, we created the CAD, sent it to her for approval and then we created the setting.  Understandably she was very nervous during the process and she wrote the following to Jamie:

Jamie, You've been terrific throughout this whole process.  I feel like you "get" me and what I'm looking for in my ring!  You don't make me feel like my questions are silly or inconsequential. Thanks so much for that!

We shipped the finished ring out and her reaction was FANTASTIC!!!

Jamie/Leslie: The ring has arrived!! And all I could say for 5 minutes was WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! It's absolutely spectacular! The workmanship is beyond any ring I have ever seen.  Can a ring be TOOO sparkly?? I think not!!  Brian's fabulous recut of my princess diamond combined with the BGD signature melee creates a lightshow of color flashes and sparkles that is literally edge to edge. The recut surpasses any princess cuts I have EVER seen. It is mesmerizing to look at. The fit is perfect!!  This is a ring to replace all rings! I could not be more thrilled! I've attached some pictures so you can see how it looks on my hand. I wanted a ring that made a statement and boy does it!!! I still cannot believe that my center is "only" one carat, the ring and halo make it look huge!! It practically pops out and grabs you!  No way you cannot notice this ring.  It's definitely a five table ring (which means you can see it in a restaurant from 5 tables away!). I'm doing a happy dance! Can't wait for hubby to come home and see it! This was my first custom internet project and to say that I was nervous throughout the process is an understatement. Was it worth the wait and the sleepless nights? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Thank Brian for me, I am proud owner of one of his creations! Have I used enough exclamation marks? I love, love, LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU Brian, Jamie and Leslie!! Suzanne H.

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  1. After reading this thread on PS and FB…it just makes me wonder if this what my 2.01 princess cut needs. Sometimes it shines like crazy and some days it is just dull. I will be contacting you in the future for a possible re-cut. We've always talked about upgrading but just like the story above, I would like to keep my 1st diamond.


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