• lesley – i just wanted to say how fabulous i think my new bangle is. i know you don't normally work in silver, so i really took this as a personal favor. and i have to say – it's truly lovely! i have worn it every day since; it's just so elegant yet substantial – it's a piece i know i'll treasure always. thank you so much for making this for me. i've wanted this particular piece for such a long time and have had numerous quotes for it, but was never fully confident that it would turn out exactly as I envisioned. so i was totally thrilled when i opened the box and saw, yet again, my thoughts translated exactly into something beautiful. lesley, pls thank brian and anyone who worked on this; it's an elegant, classy piece of jewelry and i love it. Kareyn P.
  • Lesley, It has been a pleasure working with you on this jewelry project that has such tremendous personal meaning for me. All the positive comments I read about your customer service and excellent craftsmanship have been absolutely true. I picked up the earrings on Monday evening and felt like it was Christmas. First the big FedEx box, then the small FedEx box, then the bubble wrap envelope, then the orange tissue, (oh the torture! – still not there yet) then the white box, then the beautiful wooden oval jewelry box, and finally…the moment that took my breath away.   The earrings are so perfect, I wouldn't change one tiny detail. I'm glad I went with the milgrain edge. I put them on right in the FedEx parking lot and drove home with a smile on my face. The only negative is that I can't enjoy their beauty while I'm wearing them, unless I look in a mirror, of course. Thank you for everything, and I hope to be working with you again on a future project. Erin S.
  • Oh yeah no I almost fell over when Mike opened the box LOL!!! I was so nervous my fingers got all swollen & I couldn't get the darn thing on LOL…after a few hours it fit perfect LOL…I stared at it all weekend & I am still staring like I am a newlywed or something LOL…the craftsmanship is beyond words…JUST PERFECT!!! Mike & Michelle V.
  • Hi Lesley – I picked the package up yesterday. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said regarding the work you do, but I have had high expectations throughout this process, from selecting a stone to completing the setting and you guys have exceeded those expectations. It is reassuring to work with everyone at BG, as I know I'm getting the experience, knowledge, and attention to detail you don't seem to find elsewhere. The ring and eternity band look spectacular. Everything complements each other perfectly. It reflects the look we were trying to achieve. And the setting made me fall in love with the center stone again. We hadn't seen it in a while, and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. I'm sure we'll talk again soon, but hopefully not too soon 🙂 Also wanted to mention that Jamie did a fantastic job. Always accessible, quick to respond, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again, Ryan M.
  • Hello Denise! I had a wonderful weekend thanks for asking! I am absolutely loving my band! The sparkle is incredible! Even last week during the rain & rotten weather it was sparkly! I'm already working on my husband for a larger all diamond one for the other hand! I can't thank you enough for all of your help! As for the blanket Colton loves playing on it & the orange is so great!  Thanks for everything & I hope to work with you in the future! Amy M.
  • Lesley – With apologies for the delay, as promised, here's a shot of our newest addition (2 weeks ago already!): Will. To no great surprise, his mom loved the DBTY you did for me. Thanks as always for your helpful guidance and of course the great work on the finished piece. Also, I have to tell you that the beautiful orange baby blanket is just perfect – I swear it seems to calm him down, and the bright orange color is really fun. If I can get him to cooperate I'll take a shot of him on the blanket and send your way!.thanks again- alex s.
  • Hi Lesley! The proposal went perfectly! I proposed to her on the beach at sunset and it was awesome. The ring has been a huge hit everywhere we go now! She constantly gets compliments on it and I am extremely happy with how great it turned out. I can't tell you how many compliments she has gotten on it from complete strangers, it is great. I also had the ring appraised for insurance purposes, and the appraiser commented on what a terrific job the jeweler did on the re-cut of the diamond. He was the same appraiser that appraised the stone in its original setting and was very impressed with the new cut. Thanks again for being so patient with me throughout the process. I am impressed with your great customer service and the quality of the work Brian Gavin does. This ring is a major hit around here! Adam B.
  • Denise, First of all, thank you so much for helping me through this process and helping me find the perfect ring and stone. That being said, WOW! The stone and setting are phenomenal. Simply stunning. Pictures do not do it justice. I have not seen a stone that sparkles that nice at any local jeweler, even under their lights! My only problem now is trying to wait another six weeks to pop the question. I'm not sure I am going to make it! Thank you again for everything! I will make sure to send pictures along once I give it to her. Please give Brian my thanks as well, speaking with him on the phone was very nice. Best regards, Matt H.
And here are all the Glamor Shots!


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