Towards the beginning of January we received an inquiry about a diamond recut.  The customer was a not happy with the performance of her princess cut and wanted Brian to see what he could do to improve the performance. She sent in her ring, feeling very emotional about being parted from it for the first time. Brian unmounted the princess cut and ran reports on it to calculate the projected weight loss. He decided against the recut as it would have taken the size of the diamond under 1 carat. He discussed the  different options with the customer who decided to replace her stone and was interested in our Brian Gavin Signature Modern Cuts. We had to identify a diamond that would fit into the head of her original setting. Brian took pictures of a 1.13 ct and a 1.19ct and we ultimately decided that the 1.13 ct diamond fit better. The finished piece is in the gallery below. On receiving her "new" ring she sent in the following e-mail:

Lesley, Good evening. I picked up my engagement ring with new the diamond, the AGS certificate, and my old diamond at FedEx after work today. I was going to wait to get home to open it, but during the five mile drive, I ended up opening all of the packaging because I just couldn't wait (at red lights of course, safety first)! I could hardly believe my eyes! The new diamond is so gorgeous and my ring looks brand new, actually better than it did when it was brand new! I realize that my ring was pretty banged up when I sent it, and your benchman did an amazing job! The prongs, the milgraining, everything is perfect! His attention to detail is superb. The photos that you sent earlier this afternoon were breathtaking, but don't even compare to how beautiful the stone is in real life! I love how the larger facets give the diamond an antique-y feel, and it's somehow very sparkly white *and* firey! I'm so happy! A big thank you to you and Brian and your team for all of your help, for all of your time, and for your amazing work. You were right, it is definitely worth the wait! I hope to work with you again soon. Sincerely, Jaclyn

P.S. I also want to mention that I talked with Jamie a few times over the last week or two. She has been just wonderful! She's friendly, helpful, and quick to respond on items that require follow up. I really appreciated her help, so I wanted to give you that good feedback as well!


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