Right after New Year we received an e-mail from a very loyal customer who was planning her push present. She wanted us to price out a diamond key pendant which would be the "key to her heart" and an heirloom in celebration of the birth of her baby son, Jacob Ryan. We explored several options together and she decided on the design shown in the pictures below. We ordered the rough casting in and set it with Brian Gavin Signature melee H/I SI  approx. 0.87 ctw.

We held on to it until Baby Jake was born on February 7, 2010. We then engraved his name, Jacob Ryan, on one edge and the birth date on the other. We overnighted it to a very excited new mom and following is part of her response:

Hi Lesley, I got the key today. OMG it is just perfect!! I am completely in love with it and the engraving. The key is just the perfect size. I can't wait to wear it out tomorrow when I finally leave the house for the first time. I have to take little Jacob to the doctor in the morning.  You guys did an amazing job with this special piece. I can't wait to see the pictures and get a chance to post on PS. Kate B.

This was followed a week later with this comment:

I am totally in love with the key. I have worn it out a few times now and am so happy I have it. I can't thank you enough! You guys are great!

Jacob Ryan's Key in Pictures:


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