At the beginning of January we were contacted by a customer looking to create a 3 stone engagement ring with a Vintage feel. He loved the pictures of the Serendipity ring we had posted on the blog and wanted to use it as an inspiration for his ring, He selected a 0.58 ct Brian Gavin Signature H & A for the center stone  with 2 x 0.32 ct Brian Gavin Signature H & A's on each side and two 2 x 4mm G VS marquise diamonds. The CAD was then created and the rendering was e-mailed to him for his approval. His girlfriend, Elaine, was involved in the process and approved the CAD rendering too. The ring was cast in separate parts and we e-mailed them pictures of the unassembled ring. They were leaving for Paris for 2 weeks just before Valentine's Day and we were able to ship in time.

Hi Lesley, The pictures are fantastic and the ring looks magnificent! The combination of Brian's excellent diamonds with the beautiful detailing of the ring (without being overbearing!) is stunning. It's exactly what I think that Elaine was looking for in a ring. I'm trying to be very patient at work, as the first thing I'm going to do is head over to the FedEx office to pick up the ring. I can't wait to see it in person, and I'm even more excited to see Elaine's reaction. I'll keep you posted on when I pick up the ring. Thanks,~Rodel

After he had picked up the ring we received this ecstatic e-mail:

Hi Lesley,  Oh. My. Just… wow. The sparkle and clarity of the diamonds is truly mesmerizing… those alone are reason enough to just stare at the ring and watch the light play off it. I was walking around my apartment, turning the ring back and forth, watching the reflections in the various lighting conditions. It seemed to go from brilliant to dangerously-distracting-while-walking.

And then there's the setting – outstanding. The features look delicate and beautifully intricate, and yet give off a sense of purpose – not too busy, which is exactly what Elaine was looking for. I love the depth of the detailing that's going on beneath the center diamond – the pictures don't do justice to that aspect of the ring (or the rest of the ring, for that matter – the pictures are fantastic, but you really do have to see this sparkle in person). The marquise diamonds and the milgrain around the ring complete the vintage look I was looking for perfectly.

Thanks to you and to Brian and crew – you've all created an amazing ring for me to pop the question with. As I've mentioned before, I leave for France on Saturday and will be gone for 2 weeks. I'll definitely keep you posted and hopefully be able to return the favor of your pictures with some of my own. Thanks again, ~Rodel

Please enjoy this process of the creation of this magnificent piece in pictures…

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