Right after Thanksgiving we received an e-mail from a satisfied customer who had volunteered to help a work associate with the purchase of an engagement ring:

He was looking at mall rings and I told him to stop!!! We could get better stones for better prices. He is letting me run the project since he has no idea what he is doing. I told him to let me get a hold of you guys and see what we could do. He was looking to purchase a cushion cut and have it set in a halo setting.

He had a very specific budget and also wanted a completely square cushion cut. We managed to source a beautiful diamond for him. We had made a magnificent halo ring previously and he agreed to have us modify it to accommodate the cushion cut. We e-mailed them the CAD renderings and then proceeded to cast the setting and set the center stone and all the Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee.  When it was done, I was so excited that I called our  original customer to share how beautiful it looked. She wrote to me after the call:

I just wanted to drop you a line and share Brad's excitement. Brad is typically a VERY laid back kind of guy and when I called him last night to let him know I spoke to you he was extremely excited. I think it made it all very real for him. He keeps asking what you thought and is on baited breath for the pics!  Just wanted to let you know, you and Brian have done so much for them without him even seeing the ring yet.

In addition to having the opportunity to work with us again on this fabulous project, our original customer will receive a $100 check as a referral gift per our referral policy.

When he received it, our man of few words wrote the following which says it all,

LOOKS GREAT…..I am so happy, thank you.

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The project in pictures….


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