At the beginning of November, Rob contacted us about purchasing a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond.

I've been looking to purchase an engagement ring — and have been doing my due diligence. Different paths keep leading back here – it seems nobody can say enough good things about Brian Gavin Diamonds.

He considered several stones and ended up purchasing a 1.52ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond. We set it in a temporary 4 prong white gold setting as he wanted to present the diamond to Ashley set in a ring, but wanted her to be involved in the creation of her custom setting.

After he had proposed, we received the ring back and Rob e-mailed us a line drawing of what he had in mind. We created the first CAD rendition and then Rob got involved to fine tune the design. He broke the news that he was a CAD specialist, albeit not specifically for jewelry! Brian and Rob had some pretty high level discussions on the phone, most of which were above the understanding of the mere mortals among us! Brian had the adjustments made to the CAD, Rob approved them and we cast and set the beautiful ring featured in this post.

Dear Lesley, Rob and I picked up the ring from FedEx this morning and despite his stated plan to hide it from me all day, we opened the box right away and the ring is on my finger!! It's exactly what we wanted, and it really shows off my beautiful center stone. We took a few pictures at our house this morning. My family will get to see the ring next week when we are home for the holidays, and I am fairly certain my diamond is more sparkly than my mother's so my father might be calling you soon to place an order 🙂 Best, Ashley

Lesley, Thanks again for all the work you and Brian did to make our ring a reality. We've written a rather long PS series of postings telling the whole story. I think others will love the ring as much as we do. I look forward to working with you on the wedding band when the time comes. I promise we'll leave plenty of time next time. Rob

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The creation of Rob and Ashley's ring in pictures…


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