Back in June we started discussions with a customer who was considering having us create a full eternity diamond band for her. She was unsure of the size of the diamond melee, but she knew that she wanted to go as large as possible while staying in her budget. We e-mailed her several quotes for different total carat weights and she slept on them for a couple of months. She returned last month and said that she had tried on several different bands and that she knew that she wanted to be as close to .20 ct per diamond and that she wanted a classic open basket platinum setting. We custom made her a platinum open basket shared prong full eternity band with 19 x .18 F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee size 6.5.

Following is an excerpt from the e-mail she sent us when she had picked up her package from FedEx:

Hi Lesley! I am absolutely stunned by this band! My hand is glowing! I picked it up from FedEx this morning and quickly opened the box(es). I could hardly drive to work! Maria

Hi Lesley!  This band is just unreal. I will try to take some hand pictures today! I was at a movie theatre last night and got so many comments while waiting to walk in! I was told it was "blinding! " It was great… the best one was someone told me to 'turn it off' when gave the 'turn off your phones and no lit cell phone screens' at the beginning of the movie. I giggled… talk to you soon! Maria

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