We have many customers who send in their diamonds and colored stones to be set into beautiful new settings here at BGD. We'll post the "Picture Gallery" of 5 projects first and then the descriptions and testimonials will follow: Project 1:

Erica sent in a 1.25ct purple spinel measuring 5 x 7 mm to be set into a 14K white gold split shank rope setting by Adwar.

I just picked up the ring and it is amazing! I love how delicate the ropes look. After seeing the rough cast photos I really do think it must have been polished up by magical fairies! The whole thing shimmers and shines! The prongs, which I had been worried about being too bulky, are absolutely perfect!!! I can't stop staring at it! Thank you guys so much! I will, of course, be taking photos this evening. Erica

Project 2:

Amy sent in two 4mm blue sapphires after being really pleased with the sapphire and diamond eternity band we had made for her previously. We paired the 2 new sapphires with 2 x  .25 carat H SI marquise diamonds and set them into yellow gold bezeled movable earring charms.

I picked up the charms at lunch today and they're absolutely gorgeous! Thank you! Amy

Project 3:

Tanya sent in an old flower style ring that her mother had given her on her wedding day which just sat in her drawer. We unmounted the diamonds and created a custom 18K white gold 9 stone half eternity bezel band.

Lesley! I just picked up my band. The FedEx people must of thought I was nuts sitting in the lot ripping open the box. Anyway, the band is STUNNING!! Even more beautiful and sparkly in real life. I still cannot believe that these are the same diamonds and this came from the old ring. The bezels are so dainty and well done and although I had it done as a stacker ring, I like it even more than my 5 carat shared prong eternity. It just has so much character. I am so excited to be able to wear this ring everyday instead of having it sit in a drawer. OK I will stop rambling now. The only bad news is I am going straight from work to the beach and I have no camera here, so I probably won't be able to get my Pricescope pics up for a few days 🙁 THANKS AGAIN! You are awesome, Brian is awesome, the "jewelry elves" are awesome. Tanya

Project 4:

Megan sent in a .50 carat princess cut diamond that was set into a 4 prong solitaire. We unmounted the diamond and set it into a custom 18K rose gold full bezel pendant with milgrain and a 16" rose gold chain.

OMG!!!!!!! I picked up my pendant this morning from FedEx and immediately went to the car to sit down and rip through the boxes….Swoon!! I love it. Any worries I had about the way the chain was attached are gone, and I love, love, love it. You guys have done far more than I expected in terms of customer service and quality. You can plan on more projects coming your way from me! (I doubt this will be a wedding piece, I love too much to wait 🙂 I have it on as we speak… I think it is going to be my everyday piece other than my e-ring and w-band…) Many thanks to you and Brian (and your bench crew). Best, Megan

Project 5:

Barbara sent in her diamond for a recut, and was thrilled when it was given an AGS0 cut grade and had become a D SI1 after starting off as an E SI1! We set the diamond into a custom platinum full bezel pendant with a 16" platinum wheat chain.

Dear Leslie, You're right – it is gorgeous! Thanks for working on these fine details with me. The bezel is is very dainty and makes the diamond look huge. I can't wait to wear it and I will take some pictures as well. Thanks for all the support and patience. Please say thanks to Brian for as well. I can't wait to see it. Kind Regards, Barbara


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