…Lesley, It's breathtaking. The diamond and ring are absolutely incredible. Thanks to you and Brian for helping to make yesterday the best day of our lives. No number of exclamation points can express how happy I am to have worked with you and Brian on this most important gift. I'll definitely be in touch, and plan to convey glowing reviews of BGD to whomever will read or listen. Alicia and I would like to be able to thank you over the phone; please call when you have a moment… Jason

…Lesley, I picked up the package first thing this morning, and I couldn't wait to open it!  The earrings are just beautiful!!!  The quality of your workmanship is impeccable, and the diamonds are so fiery and brilliant!  I was just thinking that I'm so glad I returned the other pair I purchased (which were also nice stones, but not nearly as beautiful) and went with you all instead.  Thank you for your endless patience with my countless questions and inquiries.  And thank you, again, for going out of your way to find these stones for me and selling them to me at the J SI2 price!  I can't wait to start another project with you all.  I have a few other things on my wish list, so I'm sure it won't be too long!  I will write a raving pricescope review in the next couple days.  Is there anywhere else I can post a positive review for you all?  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! …Jill

…Hi Lesley: I'm soo thrilled with the earrings. What a big difference your bezel style makes versus my old bulky setting! Thanks so much for your time & attention on this tiny project of mine. I look forward to future purchases (that will definitely include diamonds!). Aloha…Alana

…Brian and Lesley, All I can say is wow, the pictures look amazing! And you sent this at 3:30 a.m? The dedication to the work you guys do is beyond compare. You are correct the ring looks truly amazing!!! I stared at it the majority of the morning at the office. Even slipped it on a friend of mines finger, and every way I looked at it, it is beautiful! It's not as fancy as some of the other work you have done and blogged about, but it is classically and simply gorgeous, exactly what I was looking for. I know when she receives it she will be as excited as I am. I look forward to working with you, on the band to go with this ring. I dropped the ring off over lunch at a local appraiser to get the documentation for getting the ring insured. Want to make sure it is insured before I pack it for a trip to Florida. Any suggestions on sneaking a ring on a plane down to Florida without Melissa seeing it? Only way I can think of is carry on luggage. As far as naming the ring "Melissa", I don't have a problem with using that name.  I will make sure I drop you a line to let you know how everything goes. Thanks so much… Ben

…While I was in the appraiser's office I saw a certificate for a Brian Gavin stone. The BG stone itself was not there but I was told that it was very well cut, hearts + arrows and the stats on the certificate were off the charts great. While the Blue Nile stone I had brought in had excellent arrows, the hearts were garbage. The appraiser went on to tell me that stones don't necessarily need hearts to perform well and that the stone I brought was a excellent choice, but I figure why not go the distance and pick out a stone that was perfectly cut. I went home and learned more about Brian Gavin through pricescope and your websites.. and now here I am =) Thanks… James

…Oh my gaaaaaaawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian is a genius! I am absolutely floored just by those images and I haven't even seen the diamond in person. I think my grandmother would have been proud of this masterpiece that will live on for another 100 years…I will consider this a rescue rather than a recut.  I cannot thank him enough for this work of art…Vanessa

…Lesley, Just got home and opened up the package and the rings are absolutely stunning.  Sooo much nicer than anything I have seen at the local stores.  I am so happy and I'm sure that Shana will be too whenever I decide to propose.  Now I know why you and Brian come so highly recommended from everyone at Pricescope.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future… Matt

…My fiance arrived back with the earrings, and I just wanted to say they are absolutely beautiful. I've been wearing them every single day and have been getting lots of compliments, I can't believe how sparkly they are! I love my birthday present, and will definitely be in touch when my fiance decides to buy me upgrades 😉 It has been an absolute pleasure working with you…Hyui

…I just had to email you guys and tell you that I am seeing some drop dead gorgeous, fabulous, stunning pieces of work coming from BGD lately!!! You guys are totally rockin it and fast coming the most popular vendors on PS. Well done guys. Hope you are both well. Keep up the great work guys, you are truly amazing!!!…Stephanie

..Hi Lesley, I picked up the bracelet this morning and it is gorgeous! I was a little worried about the bulkiness of the Stuller setting, but it's actually very delicate in person. I definitely didn't need an extra jump ring, the bracelet is a little too big. It looks very elegant on, I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow. Your  photos you sent me yesterday don't do the diamond justice! The diamond may be small, but it is a firecracker! I can't wait to add more stones. 🙂 Thanks again for everything and keeping the bracelet within my budget!  You are the best, and I look forward to working with you in the future!…Stephanie

Hi Lesley! The ring is BEAUTIFUL! The diamond itself looked bigger than I imagined it would and the thing sparkles like crazy! I proposed over last weekend in Sedona. She didn't know it was coming and we really lucked out on the ring size because it fit her perfectly 🙂 We stayed at an incredible B&B overlooking Cathedral Rock and I proposed at sun down while we were on the patio after dinner. Everything went better than I could have ever expected. She said "Absolutely Yes!" and after the sun went down the owners of the B&B snuck in our room and littered it with rose peddles, champagne & chocolate fondue with strawberries leading to the Jacuzzi tub. She said the ring was PERFECT and loved what I selected for her. She can't stop looking at her hand now 🙂 Thank you again for all your help and patience with me!… Mike


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