Just after Lesley and I started our new company a very dear customer contacted us about custom making a 5 stone u-prong knife edge diamond band for her mother, using 5 x .31 G SI1 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds. You can read all about the "Sally" 5 stone diamond band here.

When she received her mother's ring she was amazed at the finish, which made her own 5 stone ring pale in comparison. She wrote in and asked us if she could send in her band so that we could thin down the prongs and make the ring look less bulky. On receiving the band, the only way to really get the effect she was looking for was to scrap the setting and start over. She wanted something along the same lines as her mother's ring but with a half round shank and a different diamond feature on the sides.

In addition to several phone calls with me to put all our ideas out on the table, she e-mailed me a few hand drawn designs that she had come up with for her shank.  At first the she wanted the side bezel feature to be somewhat different to her mother's. We ran a preliminary CAD with 2 marquise diamonds prong set on each side and then the bezel set round diamond underneath. We both agreed that it did not flow. In the end we decided to use two fancy vivid yellow diamond melees set into 18K yellow gold bezels.

Once the ring was in progress, we had her ship back her mom's "Sally" ring so that we could do a "Mother-Daughter" photo shoot. Both women received their rings at the end of last week with MUCH joy!!

"I have to thank Brian, Lesley and their team for the artwork and creation of my magnificent new 5 stone diamond band. I had an idea of what I wanted to see and they took it and made it real. The craftsmanship coming out of BGD is like no other I have experienced yet!"

Sally also sent us an e-mail..""Beauty is merely the spiritual making itself known sensuously." I believe this quote sums up the context of your work, taking natures gifts found deep within the earth and creating a wonderfulness to be shared by one and all.  Thank you for creating a fraternal twin for my namesake ring. ..Sally

The Process in Pictures (click pictures twice for full page view)
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    Brian Gavin, "Brian The Cutter", is an internationally recognized diamond expert and the designer/creator of A CUT ABOVE diamonds - the first branded hearts and arrows diamonds to be sold on the internet in 1999. He co-founded Whiteflash in 2000, and was employed as Executive Vice-President from June 2001 - December 2008. He is also well known for his creativity in jewelry design and photographic techniques, and is sought after for his deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce in the diamond and jewelry industry.

4 Replies to “Brian Gavin Diamonds Introduces "The Nightingale" Platinum Five stone U-prong Band with Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Melee Bezel Set into the Half Round Shank…”

  1. That is a beautiful ring. As with your other settings, I love the way the diamond can be seen with little obscurity.

    Oh, btw. Thanks for posting just details blogs. I've mentioned this to Lesley before – your product photographs are just amazing!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I have been saving up for a ring just like this for some time – I am so glad to see you have exactly what I want already in your portfolios 🙂 I'm hoping to order something very similar to this very soon!


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