In response to the numerous inquiries that we have received, for those visitors to the blog who are wondering if we are "in business", the answer is yes! Even though our e-commerce site is not up and running yet, we have been contacted directly by many people and we are working on several exciting projects.

Last Wednesday we spent over an hour on the phone with an enthusiastic consumer who had contacted us and wanted to share her ideas for beautiful settings with us. She had prepared several PowerPoint presentations and we were literally blown away by the effort that was involved and the creativity that she shared. We will most certainly be incorporating her ideas into our product offerings. We have always followed the lead of our customers regarding the development and introduction of new products, so please feel free to e-mail in your ideas.

We are working on several diamond ring and jewelry projects. Just before Valentine's Day one of our longtime customers purchased a magnificent pair of "inside/outside" diamond hoops for his 12th anniversary. Needless to say, his wife went crazy for them.

"Extreme Diamond Makeover" recut fever is rampant!! We will be sharing more of these transformational projects in the coming days.

Our shop window (website) will take a few more weeks to launch, so in the meantime please feel free to contact us at Have a great week .



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