Just after I launched this website, I was contacted directly by a customer who had previously been looking forward to working with me on her diamond recut. She was thrilled to have found me by typing 'Brian the Cutter' into the Google Search feature. After a couple of phone discussions and e-mails, she decided to send in her diamond for evaluation.

Her original diamond was a typical "steep/deep" round brilliant with large extra facets and deep naturals on the girdle. I evaluated it to see how I could improve its performance – brilliance, scintillation and fire – while retaining as much carat weight as possible. With my years of experience, I was able to calculate the best possible outcome. We were able to remove and reduce 99% of the naturals, attain an AGS0 for Light performance and Polish and improve the Cut grade from an AGS7 to an AGS1*.

*There were remnants of one natural which we could not remove without taking the carat weight under the magical 2 carat mark, which rendered the symmetry an AGS1 and the overall cut grade an AGS1. To round out the process, our customer decided to have the AGS Diamond Quality Document number laser inscribed on the girdle of her 'new' diamond.

We custom made a new 6 prong platinum head for her ring, with finer, more clawlike prongs (the old one was die struck and heavier), tightened up all the diamond melee in the shank and polished the ring to perfection! In the words of its owner "Sounds like the old girl will be all dressed up and ready to PARTY!!"

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    Brian Gavin, "Brian The Cutter", is an internationally recognized diamond expert and the designer/creator of A CUT ABOVE diamonds - the first branded hearts and arrows diamonds to be sold on the internet in 1999. He co-founded Whiteflash in 2000, and was employed as Executive Vice-President from June 2001 - December 2008. He is also well known for his creativity in jewelry design and photographic techniques, and is sought after for his deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce in the diamond and jewelry industry.


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