1.05 I VS2 Brian Gavin Blue

Brian Gavin Blue
NOTE : This diamond is eye clean under normal viewing conditions
  • Shape Round
  • Color I
  • Clarity VS2
  • Carat 1.050
  • Cut Grade Ideal
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  • Diamond ID 104113502009.000
  • icon Type Signature Round
  • Meas Depth 4.020
  • Culet Condition Pointed
  • icon Shape Round
  • icon Report AGS
  • icon Carat 1.050
  • icon Color I
  • icon Clarity VS2
  • icon Measurement 6.53 - 6.52 x 4.02
  • icon Cut Ideal
  • icon Polish Ideal
  • icon Symmetry Ideal
  • icon Table % 55.000
  • icon Depth % 61.600
  • icon Crown Angle 34.300
  • icon Star % 53.000
  • icon Pavilion Angle 40.700
  • icon Lower Girdle % 76.000
  • icon FLUORESCENCE Medium Blue
  • icon Girdle Thin to Medium
  • Shipping
  • Upgrade
  • Inspection Period & Return
  • Buy Back

We offer a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows certified diamonds. This does not apply to jewelry that contains diamonds.

Brian Gavin Diamonds extends a 15-day inspection period on all diamonds and jewelry. Day 1 is the day that you receive the package. The following are some exceptions:

We offer a ONE YEAR Buy Back Policy on Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds and Brian Gavin "Blue" diamonds only. We will issue a check for 70% of the purchase price for diamonds that are in their original, undamaged condition and are accompanied by the original, undamaged AGS diamond report. If the AGS report has been lost, a new one can be issued at the AGS laboratory for the price of $200. If, on receipt, the diamond is found to be damaged in any way, you will be offered the option to repair and recertify the diamond at your expense. The buyback amount will be 70% of the prorated price of the newly cut diamond.

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