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San Francisco Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds, & Diamond Jewelry

San Francisco: West Coast Wonderland

San Francisco is recognized worldwide for the architectural marvel that is the Golden Gate Bridge. However, the city is so much more than any singular icon. San Francisco is a capital of the world when it comes to cultural diversification. The city is home to some of the most fascinating and culturally important exhibits and displays in America.

Brian Gavin and his team at Brian Gavin Diamonds are excited about the opportunity to become a part of San Francisco's diverse and eclectic society. Knowing full well of the reputation of San Franciscans for enjoying the finest of everything; food, fun and culture, Brian Gavin Diamonds is hoping to dazzle San Francisco with their incredible inventory of loose diamonds, as well as their unique and creative custom made jewelry and engagement rings.

Never a Dull Moment in San Francisco

Whether a tourist or a resident, it is hard for one to imagine ever becoming bored while in San Francisco. There is so much to see and do, the toughest decision will be which way to head first.

Alcatraz Island - A tour of the famed prison is a creepy, yet exciting glimpse into the recent past of criminal history. "The Rock" was feared by criminals for its reputation for being inescapable, as well as rough. Many films have played off of Alcatraz's legacy over the years, and due to its enduring reputation as the hardest of the hard, Hollywood will likely continue its homage to The Rock for many years to come.

While Alcatraz might not be the most romantic place to pop the question, many of your other experiences with San Francisco's legendary attractions are likely to be the perfect spot to present your very significant other with the custom diamond engagement ring you hand selected at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Aquarium of the Bay - The Aquarium of the Bay provides a fascinating glimpse into the undersea world that borders San Francisco. The cool waters of the Pacific are home to some truly amazing creatures.

Lombard Street - Hang on as you walk or drive up or down "America's Crookedest Street". Lombard Street boasts a 40 degree grade, and it is both fascinating and freakish to experience.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Offers San Francisco Treats

The people of San Francisco are well known for their discriminating tastes. Brian Gavin shares this trait; being completely unwilling to handle anything but the very finest selection of diamonds and diamond jewelry. Brian is a fifth generation diamond cutter and jewelry designer, and his years of experience are very clearly evident in the selection of loose diamonds from which you can choose as the highlight of your jewelry piece.

At briangavindiamonds.com you can take a look at the breathtaking San Francisco engagement rings, ring and diamond jewelry designs. The friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at Brian Gavin Diamonds is always ready to share in your excitement as you put together a once in a lifetime piece of diamond jewelry.

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