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Who buys the wedding rings?

Feb 22

Who buys the wedding rings? Mens Diamond Band
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“I want to begin by saying how incredibly pleased we both are with the Anita halo setting and Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that I bought from you last year! My fiancé continues to receive compliment after compliment on her ring, even when it’s dirty! But what impressed us more was when we were at the theater the other day, and it was sparkling like crazy when there was almost no light at all. I’m also hoping that you can tell me who buys the wedding rings?

My mother is under the impression that we should each buy the wedding ring for the other person. While her mother is under the impression that I’m supposed to buy both rings. And she’s under the impression that she should buy both rings. And I’m getting a headache from all this wedding planning!”

Who pays for the wedding rings?

Depending on which school of thought you attend, all the scenarios described above are correct. Sometimes the man pays for the wedding rings, and other times the woman pays for the wedding bands. However, the most common scenario in my experience, is that the man buys her wedding ring and she pays for his wedding band.

Anita Setting in Platinum from BGDThis last approach makes the most sense from our perspective, since a matching wedding band is simply an extension of the engagement ring. It is part of the package so-to-speak. Here is a photograph of the ring you purchased, the Anita setting in platinum. It looks great, right? However it’s going to look even more amazing with the matching band sitting beside it on her finger! “Buying the engagement ring without the matching band, is like giving her a toy without batteries included!” All right, that’s not actually true; but sometimes I just want to be sure you’re paying attention. Plus, it’s just fun to say things like that. Somebody, somewhere is going to tweet it…

Be sure to attribute it to @BrianGavin on Twitter, because it will be a lot of fun to watch him try to recall when he said that. Isn’t it incredible how much joy social media adds to our lives? For instance, you could also tweet “Who buys the wedding rings” and then just sit back and enjoy the myriad of responses you’re apt to receive. Be sure to link to this article, so that people have a frame of reference! [it’s a shameless plug, I know]

Wedding Bands for Him & Her:

A few years ago, I was sitting with a couple in our office. Their wedding day was just around the corner, and they also wondered about who buys the wedding rings. He was a pretty traditional, old fashioned kind of a guy, and he was of the mindset that he should pay for everything.

However, she really wanted to buy him something special, and wanted his wedding ring to come from her. She felt that his wedding ring would have even more meaning, if she picked it out and paid for it herself. His argument was that he earned more money than she did, so it only made sense for him to buy the rings.

The reality is that he was approaching the situation from from the perspective of pure logic. He earned more money, thus he should bare the expense of buying his wedding band. However, she saw things from the emotional vantage point, which is that his wedding ring would mean even more to them, if she picked it out and paid for it herself. Both arguments are right, but in the end, it is her logic that won. She selected this men’s wedding ring with a princess cut diamond. I remember her saying that it was because she was his princess, and she wanted him to remember that every time he looked at his ring. You can’t argue with that kind of logic. It just works.

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