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Where is the best place to buy an engagement ring?

Mar 8

Where's the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring
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“Would you mind telling me where is the best place to buy an engagement ring? All right, I know what you’re probably going to say, because obviously, Brian Gavin Diamonds sells engagement rings. Thus, you’re going to tell me that Brian Gavin is the obvious choice, but how can I be assured that is the case? Everybody claims that the diamonds which they offer are the best, I don’t know enough about diamonds to be able to know that for sure. I suppose that what I am looking for is the peace of mind of knowing that I’m buying the best engagement ring, with the best diamond, for the best price. Is Brian Gavin the best choice?”

Deciding where to buy an engagement ring:

Without a doubt, every jeweler and diamond vendor wants to believe that they are the best choice for their clients. However, the reality is that most of us specialize and cater to specific niche divisions of the market for engagement rings. The vast majority of retail jewelry stores focus upon price, and thus their inventory tends to reflect diamonds of lower quality.

If you review the in-stock inventory of the average jewelry store in America, you might be surprised to discover that most diamonds are not AGS Ideal-0 or even GIA Excellent cut. In fact, most of the diamonds you will find in the open market are quite poorly cut by our standards. Which is why most jewelry stores don’t talk much about diamond cut quality, the role that proportions and optical precision have upon light performance.

And the reality is that this is apparently fine with the majority of people buying a diamond engagement ring, because most people buy diamonds without actually knowing very much about them besides the basic characteristics and the price.

Diamonds that offer exceptional light performance:

From our perspective, when people tell us that they are looking for “the best” then the obvious choice is a Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond. This is not simply a matter of opinion; the proof is in the images that we provide for every diamond:

These images provide visual proof of the precise production standards that we adhere to. Our clients can verify for themselves that the diamond they are buying exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows. This is evidence of the higher degree of optical precision that Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds are cut to exhibit.

The Ideal Scope image (3rd from the left) demonstrates that the diamond is not leaking substantial amounts of light. It also shows that light is reflecting evenly throughout the body of the diamond.

The ASET Scope image (far right) shows a high amount of reddish-orange, which is an indication that the diamond is gathering and reflecting the brightest light available within the room. This is not “our science” but rather proprietary technology developed by the American Gem Society Laboratory.

Speaking of which, we send every Brian Gavin Signature round diamond to the AGS Laboratory to be graded on their Platinum Light Performance grading platform. It is the strictest light performance grading platform available.

So, at no point do you need to take our word for it that the Brian Gavin Diamonds is the best place to buy an engagement ring. The quality of our diamonds and the documentation and images provided, speak for themselves.

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