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What color of prongs to use on warmer diamonds?

Jan 23

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“While I realize that a lot of people prefer diamonds that are cooler in tone, I actually find that warmer diamonds look better with my skin tone. It seems that diamonds in the J color and K color ranges provide a balance of warmth that is just right. They’re not really yellow from my perspective, but they’re not icy white either. The challenge I’m having is that nobody in my region seems to carry diamonds of the same cut quality as Brian Gavin. And the ring photographs you feature on the site all seem to be set with whiter looking diamonds. So I can’t figure out what color of prongs to use on warmer diamonds. I’ve heard that rose gold and yellow gold look best, but can’t picture what it’s going to look like. Can you help me with a visual?”

Rose gold and yellow gold are best for warmer diamonds:

If you have warmer skin tone and like the look of J-K color and warmer looking diamonds, then I think you’re going to love the way that rose gold and yellow gold look on your hand. The warmer tones of these alloys seem to naturally lend themselves to diamonds that are warmer in color. Thus, a lot of people buying J-K color diamonds, and especially Brian Gavin Cape series diamonds, are setting those diamonds in rose gold and yellow gold.

As it so happens, we’ve just launched the new Brian Gavin 810 collection of rose gold rings. The center stone pictured in the ring above, is this 8.108 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond. So now you have a really good visual for how a J-color diamond is going to look when set in rose gold.

While the diamond color is not readily apparent in the face-up position when you look at the photograph, it is visible if you rotate the diamond to the side profile. You can see how the warmer tones of the 18k rose gold are reflecting through the ring and how the two complement each other nicely.

what-color-prongs-warmer-diamonds-brian-gavin-cape-ags-104088851002What color prongs for M-color diamond?

Another option that you might want to consider, is a diamond that is even warmer than J-K color. Take this 1.820 carat, M-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Cape series diamond for instance. Notice how it exhibits just a hint of warmth when viewed in the face-up position. The color is not really all that noticeable. However the presence of color enables you to buy this 1.82 carat diamond which is eye clean, for less than the price of a lot of one carat diamonds which are whiter in color. This is fantastic since what most people are likely to first notice about a diamond is the size and sparkle factor!

Brian Gavin Cape series diamonds are perfect for setting in rose gold or yellow gold. The naturally warmer tones of these diamonds blend quite nicely with the rich, warmer tones of gold. Which is why so many of our clients choose BGD Cape series diamonds for their pink and yellow gold rings.

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