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Pear Shape vs Oval Cut Diamond

Jun 28

Pear Shape vs Round Cut Diamond
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“I'm interested in pear shape diamonds. Could you please let me know what kind of pendant setting I can choose from? In addition, may I know how sparkling they are in terms of brilliance, scintillation and fire compared to oval cut diamonds? While you’re at it, perhaps you can explain the differences between pear shape, oval, and round cut diamonds. I’m leaning towards pear shape because of the tear drop effect. However, I know that she also likes ovals, but a co-worker told me that rounds sparkle the most.”

The Pear Brilliant Cut Diamond:

The pear brilliant cut diamond is commonly known as a pear shape diamond. As you can see, the pear brilliant cut diamond is aptly named for its pear-like shape. It is also sometimes referred to as a tear drop diamond for the same reason.

When selecting pear shape diamonds, you want to focus on the outline of the diamond. It should have a nice pear shape or tear drop outline. You also want to focus on options that exhibit less of a bowtie effect, like the picture above of this pear shape diamond from Brian Gavin. It has a length to width ratio of 1.568:1.000 which gives it a really nice overall appearance.

You can also see that the bowtie effect is minimal. It is practically non-existent, which is nice because the diamond faces-up nice and bright. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you select a beautiful pear shape diamond from Brian Gavin.

Oval Cut vs Pear Shape vs Round Cut DiamondThe Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond:

In both of the examples chosen, this oval brilliant cut diamond from Brian Gavin, and the pear shape pictured above, exhibit only a very slight bowtie effect. The length to width ratio is another important factor, this one has a length to width ration of 1.45:1.00 which gives it a nice outline.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are Symmetrical:

One of the primary differences between a pear, oval, and round cut diamond, is that the round shape is more symmetrical. This means that light is going to reflect more evenly throughout the diamond. Whereas with a pear shape diamond, the length of the facets changes in accordance with the shape.

The symmetrical facet structure of a round brilliant cut diamond distributes light more evenly. Unlike a pear shape, the facets on a round are all the same relative size and shape per section, which creates better light performance.

If you look at the lower girdle facets and pavilion mains of a round, they are all going to be about the same size and shape. The length of the facets will also be relatively even, whereas the same facets on a pear shape diamond are going to change along with the length and width of the stone.

Oval vs Pear Shape vs Round Diamond

Price Differences between Pear, Oval, and Round Cut Diamonds:

Generally speaking, you’ll find that oval and pear shape diamonds cost less per carat, than round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight, color, clarity, and cut grade. This is because the two fancy shape diamonds are cut from different rough.

This is a photograph of the actual piece of diamond rough used to produce this oval brilliant cut diamond. The diagram demonstrates the planned model that was used to determine how to best use this particular piece of diamond rough. As you can see, the yield of the finished diamond is a little more than half the weight of the rough.

Another reason why oval and pear shape diamonds are less expensive than rounds, is because they are much easier to produce. This is because the outline and facet structure does not have to be as precise as a round. This means that there is less time invested in producing oval and pear shape diamonds. Put another way, Brian Gavin Signature round cut diamonds cost more, because they take longer to cut.

On the one hand, buying an oval or pear shape diamond might enable you to buy a larger carat weight. On the other, the light performance and sparkle factor of a Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows round diamond is superior to any oval or pear shape diamond that we’ve ever seen.

To be perfectly honest, the only thing the three diamond shapes have in common, is that they are both cut from diamond. It’s really like trying to compare oranges, apples, and bananas. They are all different types of fruit, however they also have completely different flavors and characteristics. Likewise, whether you prefer a round, oval, or pear shape diamond, is largely a matter of personal preference.

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