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GIA-N/A vs AGS Ideal and Cut Quality by Shape

May 11

Oval Cut Diamond - Cut Grade for Fancy Shape Diamonds
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What does GIA-N/A mean? How does this compare to AGS-IDEAL. What is the best cut for each shape of diamond? Do they differ? I'm interested in an oval, princess or possibly brilliant cut diamond, as it would depend on the setting. 1.2 – 2 carat wt, but quality of the diamond is more important than carat. Would like to stay in the VS2 and better range for clarity, GHI for color. Would you suggest I look at your online catalog, and do you recommend I consider cut first, then clarity and color? Thank you.

GIA Cut Grade N/A:

The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory does not issue a cut grade for fancy shape diamonds, thus the cut grade is N/A not applicable. Whereas the AGS Laboratory does issue a cut grade for fancy shape diamonds, which is one of the reasons why Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are submitted to the AGS instead of the GIA for grading.

Another reason is because the GIA does not provide the crown or pavilion measurements of fancy shape diamonds on their diamond grading reports. Whereas the AGS Laboratory does provide these measurements. Plus, we pay a little bit extra to get the results of the ASET Scan published on the diamond grading reports for Brian Gavin Signature diamonds.

Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) provides you with a visual reference of where the diamond is gathering light from, and the consistency with which it is reflecting within the diamond. Unfortunately, the GIA-GTL is not yet up to speed with their sister organization when it comes to grading light performance.

Oval vs Princess vs Round Diamond Performance:

Oval brilliant cut diamonds are quite popular at the moment, because they offer good spread upon the finger. However, if you’re looking for the best light performance, you’re more likely to get it from a Brian Gavin Signature Princess or Brian Gavin Signature Round diamond.

Brian Gavin has been producing exceptional looking round brilliant and princess cut diamonds for years. However, he has not yet had the time to redesign the oval brilliant for optimum light performance. He has redesigned the cushion brilliant cut diamond however, the relatively new Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond is breathtaking!

The thing with fancy shape diamonds, is that it is practically impossible to predict light performance by the proportions. This is because the shape or outline of the diamond is not symmetrical, as it is with a round. Thus, light is going to reflect and travel throughout the diamond in direct proportion to the variables.

Facet structure as well as proportions will have a direct impact upon the pattern of light return within a fancy shape diamond. It will also affect the visibility of the bowtie effect in oval, marquise and pear shape diamonds.

The Best Way to Search Brian Gavin Diamonds:

It’s always a good idea to search Brian Gavin Diamonds to get an idea of how prices differ for diamonds of different shape and sizes. Obviously, the cost is going to be affected by variables such as clarity, color, and carat weight. However, it is also affected by cut quality, the cut quality of a diamond can affect the price by as much as 60%.

Then we can help you determine the best of the options available, once you have a better idea of how these characteristics factor into price. But if you prefer to take less of a hands-on approach, or simply want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible, our customer service staff will be more than happy to help you determine the best options!

Since diamond cut quality has the most effect upon the volume of light return and sparkle factor, it only makes sense to focus on that first and foremost. Light Performance is a factor that shows up from across the room, whereas the subtle nuances of carat weight, clarity, and color are things that most people would have difficulty seeing from across the dinner table.

Focus on diamond cut quality and you’ll nail it every time! This is pretty easy to do with Brian Gavin Signature round, princess and cushion cut diamonds. Since we’ve obviously eliminated all the guesswork by ensuring that each one is produced to Brian’s exacting production standards.

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