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Dec 14

Jewelry is a timeless gift! Your loved ones can wear it everyday and be reminded of the special someone that gave it to them. According to a survey by Gifts.com, 94% of women enjoy receiving jewelry as a gift, which means you can't go wrong with a nice necklace, bracelet, or ring! If you're struggling to find just the right ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 28

It’s all over the news. Hilary Swank has gotten engaged with a ring that features a green emerald as the center stone. According to a feature in the Chron: “Hilary Swank recently announced her engagement to former tennis pro Ruben Torres, and instead of sporting a sparkly, clear stone, she debuted a vintage-style honker of an emerald.” You’ve got to ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 23

Sotheby’s is set to auction this 10.1 carat, internally flawless clarity, fancy vivid blue diamond from the De Beers Millennium Jewel Collection. The diamond will be offered at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite spring sale, to be held on April 5th in Hong Kong. This diamond is one of twelve rare diamonds that comprise the De Beers Millennium collection, ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 17

Sotheby’s has successfully sold the 12.03 carat, Blue Moon diamond for a record breaking $48.5 million. The auctioneer claims that it is a world record for a diamond of any color. The diamond which is internally flawless in clarity, and described as displaying truly outstanding color, sold at Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels auction which took place November 11th in Geneva. ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 1

Every once and awhile a diamond comes along that takes my breath away. Well, admittedly that’s almost every day around the office of Brian Gavin Diamonds, but every once and awhile a diamond comes along that takes my breath away and leaves me breathless… Breathless and wanting, dreaming, lost in the very nature of the diamond and how truly rare ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 23

One of the highlights of my week is opening up the industry news and feasting my eyes upon spectacular gems like this 16.08 carat, fancy vivid pink, cushion cut diamond that is coming up for auction at Christie’s Geneva in November 2015. The diamond is reportedly the largest of its kind to ever be offered at auction, and has an ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 11
Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection

Brian Gavin is very excited to introduce the Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection just in time for the 2015 holiday gift giving season! Silver jewelry that is truly art! It is unlike anything that we’ve seen before, and believe me, we’ve seen a lot of silver jewelry. The silver jewelry designed by Meral and Halil is fluid, elegant, and remarkably feminine ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 9
Jeff Cooper Designs Engagement Rings now at Brian Gavin

There is a new designer in the house of Brian Gavin, but it’s not a person who is new to the world of jewelry design, oh no, he’s a legend in the industry, well known for producing jewelry of exceptional quality, jewelry which invokes a special feeling in every person who wears one of his hand-made creations… that person is ...Read More

By admin
Aug 31
American Gem Society

The American Gem Society (AGS) has launched a fun with jewelry promotion that is intended to provide a fun and entertaining way to teach people about diamonds, precious gems, and jewelry. The application which is designed in game format consist of three sections: AGS Quizzes Find Your Perfect Ring Quiz And a Quick Jewelry Survey AGS Quizzes provides fun way ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 2

“I’m expecting a tax refund for 2014 in the range of $6,500 – 7K and thought that I could use my 2014 tax refund to buy a diamond engagement ring; I realize that it might not sound very romantic, but it does provide me with a nice chunk of change! My girlfriend likes cathedral settings, so I’ve decided upon the ...Read More

By Danny

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