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Mar 27

“This probably comes as no surprise, but I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring. I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp on carat weight, color, and cut quality. However, I’m not quite clear on inclusions (no pun intended). While my inner perfectionist would love to buy a higher clarity diamond, such as a VVS-1 or internally flawless, the ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 10
Are Brian Gavin Diamonds Certified by the Kimberley Process?

“I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring and have read a lot of great reviews about Brian Gavin Signature diamonds on a diamond forum that I’ve been haunting. It is extremely important to my girlfriend and I, that the diamond be conflict free. We started out shopping on another web site which promotes the idea that all of their diamonds ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 1

I’m shopping for diamond earrings online, because it seems like you get better value. It seems like stores describe carat weight in two ways. Some use the term diamond carat weight and others use total carat weight. I’m not sure which description of carat weight is more reliable or whether it makes a difference? I like the way that half ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 27

“I’m wondering whether you can tell me how to calculate diamond depth percentage. The reason I ask is because I’m looking at this 1.348 carat, G-color, VS-1 clarity, Black by Brian Gavin Signature round diamond (amongst others) and I just can’t figure out how the parts add up to the total depth of 61.9%. I don’t understand how the gemological ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 20
How wide should a girdle be on a round brilliant?

“Please tell me how wide the girdle should be on a round brilliant diamond. I’m considering buying a diamond from a local jewelry store. It weighs 2.08 carats, is I-color and VS-2 clarity, GIA Excellent cut. The measurements are 8.02 x 8.08 x 5.11 mm, with a total depth of 63.4% and a 57% table diameter. The pavilion angle is ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 17
Why is the princess cut more costly than the round diamond cut?

“I’m looking to buy a princess cut diamond for ‘my princess’ but was thrown off course this past weekend when a friend mentioned that princess cut diamonds are more expensive than rounds. When I asked him why, he said that he couldn’t recall, it was just something he remembered from when he was ring shopping last year. Are princess cut ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 15

“This might not be the most practical of questions, but just out of curiosity, how much is a 4 carat diamond? Is it four times the price of a one carat diamond? I think that the optimum combination of quality for me would be G-color and VS-2 clarity. I’m told that this combination of color and clarity will ensure that ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 13
How Are Diamonds Rated For Performance?

“Could you please explain to me how are diamonds rated for performance? I’ve got a limited grasp on the concepts of diamond clarity, color, and carat weight. That part of the equation seems straightforward. Where I find myself confused is trying to decide which GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal diamonds are going to perform best. I’ve read all sorts of ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 18

“I’m interested in purchasing an engagement ring online, because it seems like I can get a better-quality diamond for less money. However, I’m nervous about buying sight unseen off the internet. An interesting conundrum, I know. I’m certain that I’m not the first customer you’ve had who has expressed this concern. Sure, your Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds look amazing ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 16
2 carat diamond - how big is it? size comparison picture with nickels

“I overheard my girlfriend talking with a friend on the phone about her dream engagement ring. Apparently, she’s always wanted a big diamond engagement ring. I’m hoping to surprise her with an e-ring, so I don’t want to ask either of them what’s a big diamond engagement ring. Thus, I’m hoping you can provide some insight. We live in NYC ...Read More

By Danny

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