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Custom Jewelry

When customers select the finest performing signature diamonds in the world, they usually want their stones set in a custom-designed ring, bracelet, pendant or other jewelry piece that can make an even more personal statement. Take a look at our catalog for ideas and examples. Almost 95% of the jewelry and engagement rings in our catalog began as custom-designed pieces.

Feb 24
Can a tiffany setting have 4 prongs?

“I’m shopping for a diamond solitaire style engagement ring and really like the look of the six prong tiffany style solitaire by Brian Gavin in 18k yellow gold, but am wondering whether a tiffany style setting can have four prongs? Because I think that four prongs might make the diamond look larger, since there will be fewer prongs covering up ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 22
Who buys the wedding rings? Mens Diamond Band

“I want to begin by saying how incredibly pleased we both are with the Anita halo setting and Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that I bought from you last year! My fiancé continues to receive compliment after compliment on her ring, even when it’s dirty! But what impressed us more was when we were at the theater the other day, ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 23

“While I realize that a lot of people prefer diamonds that are cooler in tone, I actually find that warmer diamonds look better with my skin tone. It seems that diamonds in the J color and K color ranges provide a balance of warmth that is just right. They’re not really yellow from my perspective, but they’re not icy white either. The ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 20

“Our wedding day is fast approaching and we’re looking for wedding bands. The Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that we purchased from you is so amazing, naturally we’re going to buy our wedding rings from you! I’m wondering what suggestions you have for a men’s wedding band? The thing is that I’m not comfortable wearing a ring, not because I ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 19

“I’m planning to propose marriage to my girlfriend on New Years Eve, after an extensive amount of research, I have concluded that Brian Gavin is the best source for hearts and arrows diamonds online. I’ve spent a lot of time comparing the hearts and arrows images of the top brands of hearts and arrows diamonds, and Brian Gavin Signature hearts ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 9

“I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring, and my girlfriend really seems to like the idea of designer jewelry, but it seems so expensive to me, compared to designs which look extremely similar. Is there an actual benefit to buying a designer engagement ring, or am I simply paying a premium for a name? Some of the designer jewelry that ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 5

“The good news is that we’re pregnant, well more accurately she is… the bad news is that the fishtail pave setting that we purchased from Brian Gavin is getting a little tight and needs to be resized, as does the diamond eternity band that we bought from you. We’re wondering what the best way is to have the rings resized. ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 4

“I just proposed and our wedding is still in the planning stages, so I don’t know why I’m already thinking about wedding bands, but I really like the look of the modern carbon fiber rings that you just added to the site. As an architect who specializes in modern design, I really like the lines of the Furrer Jacot two-tone ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 2

“My boyfriend-now-fiancé just proposed with a stunning solitaire style diamond engagement ring from Brian Gavin. Let me begin by saying that I’m completely over the moon! I love my ring! The diamond sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I never imagined that a diamond could possibly look so stunning! I’m wondering whether you think it is all right to ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 26
buyers guide to modern engagement rings

“I’m shopping for an engagement ring. Big surprise, right? As you might imagine, I’m trying to keep the whole process a secret and maintain the element of surprise. Thus far I’ve managed to fly well under the radar, I’ve avoided all mention of engagement rings, and not succumbed to the urge to ask her friends or sisters for advice. But ...Read More

By Danny

Custom Jewelry

Besides offering the finest performing jewelry in the world, Brian Gavin brings more than 30 years of experience in custom jewelry designs.

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