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Can a tiffany style setting have 4 prongs?

Feb 24

Can a tiffany setting have 4 prongs?
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“I’m shopping for a diamond solitaire style engagement ring and really like the look of the six prong tiffany style solitaire by Brian Gavin in 18k yellow gold, but am wondering whether a tiffany style setting can have four prongs? Because I think that four prongs might make the diamond look larger, since there will be fewer prongs covering up the diamond. Does Brian Gavin offer a four prong tiffany style solitaire? And can you tell me whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to four or six prongs? Thank you.”

The classic Tiffany style solitaire:

The classic Tiffany style solitaire by Brian Gavin pictured above is one of our most popular designs; it is designed with six prongs. One of the advantages to a six prong setting is that it is more secure than a four prong setting, generally requiring that three consecutive prongs be pulled back in order to dismount a diamond. Another advantage is that the six prongs maintain the round appearance of the diamond, as you can see from the picture to the left.

Four prong Tiffany style solitaires:

There are several options available in four prong settings that are generally classified as Tiffany style solitaires, which is generally considered to be any solitaire style engagement ring that features a four or six prong solitaire head that is set on top of a thin band of gold or platinum.

Brian Gavin Diamonds offers an extensive selection of solitaire style engagement rings and recently introduced some new designs that feature prong head configurations that are more decorative and elaborate than the traditional four prong head that you’ll find featured on the majority of four prong solitaires. One of my favorites is the New Truth four prong solitaire by Brian Gavin, which features a four prong head configuration that flows extremely well.

The Eternal Grace by Brian Gavin is another extremely popular variation of a traditional Tiffany style solitaire that I think you might like. We raised the shoulders up on this setting a little bit to give it some depth, and transitioned the shoulders up into the four prong head configuration, making it more of a four prong cathedral setting in the end, but people seem to love it when presented as an option for four prong solitaire style engagement rings.

The La Fleur solitaire by Brian Gavin is another option that you might want to consider, we created a truly unique four prong head configuration for this setting which is unique in every way. I doubt that you’ve ever seen a four prong solitaire designed as elegantly as the La Fleur four prong solitaire by Brian Gavin. It is truly beautiful and creates an engagement ring that is literally a piece of art! There are several more options to choose from, be sure to check out our online catalogue of solitaire settings.

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