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Feb 9
Bigger Diamond Solitaire vs Smaller Diamond Halo Setting

“I know that my girlfriend really wants a one carat diamond, but that she also wants a fancy setting like the Sarah Halo engagement ring in platinum, and the reality is that I’m working with a budget of around $10k, and I don’t see the point of spending almost half my budget on a setting! We’re both concerned about the ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 7
Guide to Warmer Colored Diamonds

“My girlfriend really likes the way that 18k rose gold looks on her hand. I have to admit that I didn’t like the idea of pink gold to begin with, but the color really does compliment her warmer skin tone. Our local jeweler told us that warmer colored diamonds go really well with the warmer color of rose gold. However, ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 5
Gift Guide: Red Ruby Rings, Pendants & Earrings

Bright red rubies and brilliant white diamonds look fantastic next to each other because the combination creates such striking contrast. Which makes these red ruby and diamond rings, pendants, and earrings from Brian Gavin such wonderful gifts for the holidays, valentine's, or any other time of year.Whether you present her with the complete set of ruby and diamond jewelry, or ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 19
brittany spears engagement ring

While Britney Spears has not officially announced her engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari, photographs of her wearing what appears to be a diamond engagement ring have sparked a blaze of rumors to the effect that the pop music star is engaged.The photograph above from Britney Instagram account shows the happy couple hanging out and as you can see, it’s just enough ...Read More

By Danny
Jan 5
Paris Hilton 20 carat pear shape diamond engagement ring

In case you missed it, Paris Hilton got engaged over New Year’s weekend. From our perspective, the most interesting part about her engagement to actor Chris Zylka are the conversations people are having about how BIG, or how ridiculous the diamond looks on her finger.Of course, such statements are largely a matter of perspective, which is something that varies from ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 12
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Blue Sapphire Jewelry Gifts:Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry is a popular gift. People love to receive sapphire jewelry because the deep blue color is crisp and clean and goes with just about anything you might wear. Thus, the blue sapphire jewelry collection from Brian Gavin transitions from daily wear to evening wear quickly and easily, no second thought about what you’re ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 4
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

No doubt you've heard the news, the engagement of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle is official! The ring consists of a cushion cut diamond center stone with two small accents on the side. As you might expect, cushion cut diamonds are enjoying a renaissance of interest in light of this proposal.From what we can see in the photographs, Megan ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 1
Should diamond solitaries crack?

“I purchased a solitaire diamond engagement ring from another online diamond dealer about a year ago, and a small crack recently appeared on the bottom of the ring. I contacted [the vendor] and they told me that this is perfectly normal and that I should simply take the ring to a local jeweler for repair. I spent what I consider ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 29
VVS clarity versus VS-1 and VS-2 clarity diamonds

“I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring and have some questions about clarity as it pertains to light performance. Is there any benefit to buying a VVS clarity diamond, versus VS-1 or VS-2 clarity diamonds? I’ve been told by several friends and family members, that I need to buy a high clarity diamond if I want it to look good. ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 27
Parade Engagement Ring Designs

Enjoy the Parade of Spectacular Designs by Brian Gavin:There is something about a parade that brightens the day and puts a smile on your face, which is the premise behind the Parade Design Collection of Engagement Rings that is now available from Brian Gavin. A series of stunning and elegant designs that will capture the attention of people passing by ...Read More

By Danny

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