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Asscher vs. Emerald Cut Diamonds

May 30

Asscher vs Emerald Cut Diamond Facet Structure
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“My girlfriend told me that she really likes Asscher cut diamonds. However, when I search for Asscher cut diamonds, all the results indicate that the diamonds are square emerald cuts. I’ve seen emerald cut diamonds at a local jewelry store, they don’t look anything like an Asscher. Which leaves me totally confused. Can you shed some light on the situation and help me understand the differences between Asscher and Emerald cut diamonds? By the way, we’ve got around $3,500.00 to spend on the center stone. My girlfriend is a graphic artist, so she tends to be kind of color sensitive. She told me that she prefers a higher color and clarity over carat weight. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you.”

An Asscher is a Square Emerald Cut Diamond:

An Asscher is a Square Emerald Cut DiamondThe challenge that you’re running into is that Asscher cut diamonds, are essentially a modification of a square emerald cut diamond. Thus, the gemological laboratories group them together with square emerald cut diamonds in terms of shape.

The primary difference between an Asscher and an Emerald cut diamond is that the Asscher will exhibit a concentric squares pattern in the middle of the stone. This is clearly visible in this 0.90 carat, F-color, VS-1 clarity, Asscher cut diamond from Brian Gavin. I found this by conducting a search on Brian Gavin for Asscher cut diamonds.

Traditional Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Traditional Emerald Cut DiamondsThe traditional emerald cut diamond is more rectangular in shape. As you can see, this 0.90 carat, F-color, VS-1 clarity, emerald cut diamond from Brian Gavin does not exhibit a pattern of concentric squares.

While both Asscher and Emerald cut diamonds exhibit some of the same traits, they are also remarkably different. Which is why I really wish that the gemological laboratories would stop throwing them into the same cut classification. Especially since there are clear differences in how the two variations of emerald cut diamonds face-up.

Asscher vs Emerald Cut Diamond Facet Structure:

The thing is that the facet structures of the two types of emerald cut diamond are also pretty similar. Take a look at the image at the beginning of this post. Notice the facet structure of the Asscher cut diamond on the top, and the traditional emerald cut diamond on the bottom, and you’ll see why the gemological laboratories clump these diamonds together.

There are a lot of similarities in the facet structure of the two diamonds. And yet, not all square emerald cut diamonds will exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of concentric squares. Which is why it would be nice if Asscher cut diamonds had their own classification.

Suffice to say, when shopping for an Asscher cut diamond, you’re going to want to focus on the pattern of concentric squares to distinguish between the options.

While Brian Gavin does not produce Asscher or square emerald cut diamonds as part of his signature collection, we do work with a handful of cutters who we recognize for their ability to produce exceptional looking Asscher cut diamonds. Thus the Asscher cut diamonds that you find when you search Brian Gavin for Asscher cut diamonds, will meet your expectations for how a properly cut Asscher cut diamond is going to look.

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