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Are Brian Gavin Diamonds Certified by the Kimberley Process?

Mar 10

Are Brian Gavin Diamonds Certified by the Kimberley Process?
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“I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring and have read a lot of great reviews about Brian Gavin Signature diamonds on a diamond forum that I’ve been haunting. It is extremely important to my girlfriend and I, that the diamond be conflict free. We started out shopping on another web site which promotes the idea that all of their diamonds are conflict free, and originate from conflict free countries. We really like the idea of that, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any options that met the selection criteria recommended to us by a seasoned professional. Whereas it seems like all Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamonds offer exceptional diamond cut quality. We’re wondering whether Brian Gavin Diamonds are Certified by the Kimberley Process, and whether you can shed some light on how that ensures our peace of mind.”

Kimberley Certified Diamond Rough:

The Kimberley Process is a certification system designed to prevent diamonds originating from an area of conflict, from entering the supply chain of legitimately traded diamonds. The Kimberley Process requires that every piece of diamond rough being imported or exported be accompanied by a government issued certificate of origin. This process ensures that diamonds entering the market originate from conflict-free sources.

At the current time, there are 74 countries voluntarily participating in the Kimberley Process. According to the World Diamond Council, this ensures that 99% of diamonds originate from conflict free sources. It is against the law for anybody to import or export diamond rough between these countries without a Kimberley Certificate.

As a legitimate member of the diamond industry, Brian Gavin adheres strictly to the operational procedures required by the Kimberley Diamond Act of 2003. All of the diamond rough used in the production of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds is Kimberley compliant. Thus you can rest assured that any diamond which you purchase from Brian Gavin is indeed, conflict free.

Peace of Mind Beyond the Kimberley Process:

As you might have noticed, the Kimberley Process is focused on controlling the flow of diamond rough as it is transported between cooperating countries. The Kimberley Process does not apply to polished diamonds, this is where the System of Warranties developed by the World Diamond Council (WDC) steps-in and continues the system of vigilance that is necessary to provide consumers with the peace of mind of knowing that their diamond is conflict free.

The principle element of the WDC System of Warranties is a declaration on the invoice that accompanies every transaction between diamond manufacturers and wholesalers of polished diamonds, which states that the diamonds are ‘not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions’.

Note that this declaration is not required on invoices or sales receipts that are issued to the diamond buying public. The System of Warranties is designed to provide assurance that polished diamonds originate from conflict free sources. This extends the protection initially created by the Kimberley Process, all the way to the retail sales counter.

Conflict Free Diamonds, from the Mine to Your Finger:

Brian Gavin Diamonds is proud to offer diamonds which are 100% conflict free. All of the diamond rough used to produce our diamonds originates from conflict free sources and is accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate. The polished diamonds leave the factory accompanied by a statement that complies with the WDC System of Warranties. Thus your peace of mind is assured all the way from the diamond mine, to the diamond that you’ll wear proudly on your finger.

While some online companies make a big deal out of selling diamonds which are conflict free, the reality is that they are merely playing upon your emotions. Given the fact that we’re 100% Kimberley Process compliant, and adhere strictly to the standards set forth by the World Diamond Council, we’d rather focus on the incredible sparkle factor exhibited by our diamonds, due to the spectacular cut quality.

The fact of the matter is that marketing diamonds as being conflict free in this day and age of extreme voluntary compliance by the diamond industry as a whole, seems to serve more as a distraction from details such as diamond cut quality, proportions, and optical precision. Given the fact that 99% of diamonds are conflict free at this point in time, it is one of those things that you don’t really need to concern yourself with when dealing with legitimate members of the diamond trade.

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