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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Stunning Beauty and Heartfelt Support

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When selecting an engagement ring, it is the desire of many suitors to get something truly special and unique. Along with the idea of having an engagement ring custom made to deliver that desired uniqueness, it should also be considered that stepping out of the more traditional shades of the metal that makes up the ring's band can help to create a memorable design.

Many laypeople are not even aware of one of the beautiful alternatives to the more commonly known white gold, yellow gold and platinum bands: Rose gold.

Rose gold is a beautiful shade of pink that gives a very different feel to the emotion of an engagement ring. The color is a wonderful supporting player to a beautifully cut, clear diamond. By allowing an experienced professional, such as Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds, to be the creative force behind the creation of your engagement ring, you can incorporate the rose gold color into a wide variety of band designs.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings as a Statement of Support

Due to their pink color, rose gold rings have become a symbol of support for victims of breast cancer, as well as a constant call to action for funding to research possible cures for this horrible disease. The pink color has become synonymous with the battle against breast cancer. What better way to show your support for the fight than by wearing a constant reminder of what is needed to end this disease on the hand that also demonstrates your devotion to the one to whom you have pledged your own life?

Particularly for those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, a rose gold engagement ring is a wonderful option. Even if one has been lucky enough to never have encountered breast cancer's evil in their lifetime, it is still a beautiful show of support, as well as a truly spectacular look for an engagement ring.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Designs

Rose gold engagement ring designs are no less spectacular that their white and yellow gold counterparts. In some instances, the design of the diamonds or accenting stones in a particular setting can be even more brilliant when set against the soft, pink hue of the rose gold band.

At briangavindiamonds.com, they have some great selections of rose gold engagement rings, with some high definition photos that strikingly demonstrate the versatility and beauty of the metal. Rose gold is a beautiful substance, but it really comes to life when it is used in the designs of master craftspeople, who have the wealth of experience to match the rose gold with the proper stones and settings.

It is a special thing when an engagement ring can not only be a special representation of one's lifelong love and commitment to one very special person, but also a special representation of one's support for those who battle and unforgiving foe.

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