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Buying Guide: What you need to know about Hearts and Arrows Diamonds


Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Sure Sparkle
Brian Gavin's research about Hearts and Arrows was started in late 1997 by Brian Gavin together with his father Benjamin Gavin. This research ran over a period of two years which ultimately perfected the combination of angles and percentages for Brian Gavin Signature Round Diamonds, Cut Beyond Brilliant®, to deliver a Sure Sparkle™.

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Consumers today have become more and more educated and demand perfection in diamond cutting as they do in any other high end consumer product today. They want to know that they have a finely manufactured stone. The advent of the Heart and Arrow effect in the market became a tool for consumers to see perfection in optical symmetry. Since optical symmetry is difficult to quantify because of the variations between each cutter and each stone, criteria need to be standardized for consumers to avoid discrepancies. Therefore just as the Labs grade Color, Clarity and Cut, they should grade the Hearts and Arrows too. Diamond Manufacturers should be rewarded for their excellence in producing an optical symmetrical stone and consumers need to be able to purchase  assuredly and with comfort. The perfectly shaped hearts are formed when the main pavilion facets are cut at the correct angles and polished with such perfection in symmetry that their reflection results in a perfect heart pattern. Once the perfect heart pattern has been attained, the perfect arrow pattern in the crown results.

1. Proper Proportions Deliver Maximum Light Return:

Cutting diamonds so that the crown and pavilion angle reflect just the right offset, ensures the highest volume of light return, and a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle) and that the sparkle will be broad spectrum, which means that it is larger in size, bolder, brighter, and more vivid! As a fifth generation diamond cutter, Brian Gavin knows exactly how to cut diamonds to deliver maximum light performance, and optimize visual performance. While other diamond cutters seem focused on cutting diamonds to retain the maximum amount of carat weight, Brian Gavin is intent that every diamond be precisely cut to a degree of craftsmanship that is unattainable anywhere else.

2. Optical Precision Beyond Excellent or Ideal Symmetry:

Gemological laboratories like the AGS and the GIA grade diamonds for “meet point symmetry” which is based upon how closely the points of the facets align to each other, however even diamonds cut to excellent or ideal symmetry can leak substantial amounts of light, if the degree of optical symmetry is not optimized so that the facets of the diamond are precisely aligned, indexed, and shaped consistently, so that a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows is evident. Every Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, which is evidence of superior optical precision!
perfect hearts and arrows diamonds
Precise optical precision produces exceptionally formed hearts and arrows patterns

perfect hearts and arrows diamonds
Less desirable optical precision results in poorly formed hearts and arrows patterns

3. Superior Light Return & Incredible Sparkle in All Lighting Conditions:

Even the poorest cut diamonds seem to sparkle like crazy when viewed under the pinpoint type lighting conditions provided by jewelry store lighting, we refer to this visual fantasy as the Walt Disney Effect, because it is the direct result of pinpoint type lighting that is designed to make poorly cut diamonds perform well. However if you don’t live in a jewelry store, then you know that the real world lives in a world that is primarily illuminated by diffused light. Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are designed specifically to perform incredibly well under all lighting scenarios, from diffused light, to pinpoint light, and even under lighting conditions where diamonds normally appear not to sparkle!
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